Is it possible, that when you awaken the artist within, your entire life takes on a new trajectory with massive improvements in your business, relationships, and health? Pushing your bar of excellence in any art form will play back into your business and relationships, simply because you have access to wider choices of altered states. Your neurology learns new patterning that generalizes into creative solutions in different aspects of your life.

In my earlier article, I have already discussed how Geniuses who have actually left a legacy had mastered more than one trade.  In this article, I would like to share with you how to develop expertise in any art form that you haven’t yet mastered and would love to

Learning by UnConscious Assimilation:

  1. Find a Genius
  2. Create the opportunity where you can be around the Genius when he/she is performing what you want to Learn
  3. Condition Yourself to be Awake and mirror every muscle of the Genius when he/she performs without any conscious effort or interference (You learn this at uP!)
  4. Practice Obsessively and Compulsively
  5. Make a Parallel Practice context, where after you indulge in unconscious assimilation, you have your own opportunity to perform
  6. To those of you who are familiar with fractionation – fractionate, others – just get good sleep.

This is how I became an international author at 23. Right after college, I had time to do so many new things even when I was consulting a dozen different companies. The secret is I get there faster because I use the conscious and unconscious resources to learn. I activate my ability to assimilate like a child without conscious logic getting in the way and I follow that through with perfect conscious and logical appreciation of what happened. I can’t thank my parents enough for getting me to play chess competitively. I may not be pursuing the game professionally as a career now but it certainly has opened circuits of learning that compliments everything I do in life. And this is true for anyone who has properly learned any art form well.

An artist who does not explore skills and boundaries beyond their art form and the logical geek who does not explore any art form are both in the same boat. They both fail to realize their full potential not only in life but also in the very thing that they are mastering. There is a new dimension, depth, and creativity that comes from the integration of the conscious processes and unconscious processes, intuition and logic, art and science. Einstein, besides being a reputable scientist was an exceptional violinist. Leonardo besides being a legendary painter was an incredible mathematician credited with invention of the helicopter.

Anyone can learn anything that they set their heart to. And I know this because I pursued singing although my teachers told me I could be tone deaf and it would be a miracle if I ever sang! Yet, I learned to sing because I get a thrill out of discovering things that are both useful and radically different from what I know.

Here are some of my discoveries about Learning:

1. Mastery is not about the techniques
Helping performers who are already at the top get to the next level has led me to believe that artistry is not about the techniques. The real challenge is that the finer nuances that we don’t even know we need to learn can take decades to learn. However, with the approach of unconscious assimilation, one can get there much faster. This means that you do not limit yourself to the techniques or steps of what you are learning but rather allow your neurology to pick up those unconscious nuances when you in the company of the person who is a genius in the field.

If you do an honest search, every fine artist, and business owner have actually had a mentor. It may or may not be a formal setup. Learning from a Genius who is actually in the field makes a big difference because there are things that cannot be coded into steps or words, easily. And most times, what the genius does is so innate to him/her that they will not be consciously aware of the exact patterns that differentiate them from an average performer. Techniques at the end of the day are merely the codification of what someone has already naturally done. I propose that you learn the techniques but don’t miss out on the incredible things your neurology can do for you, by being around a genius.

2. There is no special Creative Gene or the Learning Gene
Your Neurology has the capability to learn and do incredible things. And I truly believe if any one man can walk on water, a good modeler can get anyone to walk on water. I have helped people who had been labeled Dyslexic, ADHD, and other learning challenges, to actually learn what was believed to be too difficult or almost impossible for them to learn.We may not know how to help someone to learn something but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. It only means we haven’t discovered a method that can get a person to change and learn things differently.

Most people like to box themselves saying, they are a logical person or a creative person etc. My proposal is that you grow free from those imaginary boxes and recognize that you can be creative and logical. You can be excellent at things you are already good at and at things you have not yet learned to learn.The other myth that fools people is profiling. As far as I can tell there is no scientific evidence to any sort of human profiling. An assessment may indicate what you are currently good at but can never indicate what you are capable of being good at in future. So, if you desire something in your heart and you intuitively know it is important to you, go after it, and learn to learn it.

Remember, different people learn differently. And anyone can be enabled to learn well and learn fast. The human neurology has that inherent capability.

3. Mastery is always Polycontextual
The neurology doesn’t demarcate or create boxes around what we learn. It doesn’t go – ‘this’ is my passion, and ‘that’ is my business. Instead, everything cross feeds into each other. There is a reason most outstanding scientists grew up listening to some form of classical music, poetry or art. There is a reason most people adore sportsmen or some kind of performers. This is because when you master any form of art: the states, attitude, and creativity you develop with it will flow into everything else you do.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself solving business or personal challenges when you make that first step to awakening the artist within.

Here is a small video of how Harini and I help individuals develop unconscious assimilation skills. We pack this learning with the opportunity to model Harini (she’s popularly known as Singer Megha) singing for those 6 days! We have seen how during those 7 days, the experience generalizes into real business projects. People launch their legacy by gathering investment, writing books and starting their own businesses within those 7 days and follow through with it till they succeed for the months and years to come. That is the power of combining a business mastery program along with personal mastery, creative mastery and performance artistry.

Truly, awakening the artist in you and getting your genius in action will be both delightful and rewarding in more than ways you can imagine to the point when you look back, you find yourself amazed with the dimensions and speed you have created for yourself.


What differentiates a Genius and a Highly Motivated Person in the way they learn? In this era, fortunately, people who are supercharged, driven and want to achieve something in life are plenty to find – thanks to all the amazing movies like ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ as well as good books and videos on the internet that have promoted a positive culture in societies at large. However, what is limiting is the fact that being highly driven is not good enough without this specific genius trait mentioned in this article.

Imagine what happens when a highly motivated and charged individual, Joe, for example, gets to work on a ‘new’ project in which he is not yet an expert? For an average person, every job would look easy from the outside. It’s the fancy toy effect, where someone shows you an interesting toy like a boomerang and it looks so simple to use and when you come back home, you realize there is a ‘learning curve’ to use this simple toy.  Continue reading (710)

What if you have an internal compass that is ahead of you in detecting what you need to do, what you need to develop and what you got to master in order to get to the next level? Have you ever had that feeling, when you know literally everything is working your way, you have the finest of friends, relationships, family and your business is just getting better and better and still you feel like there is something you need to do and don’t quite know what it is? I had this feeling a couple of days ago and it turned out to be a blessing.


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Is it possible to change the nature of a person? Is it possible to develop new traits at the core or to change limiting ones that a person seems to be born with? And even if it were possible, why would anyone want to do that?

When I was 12 years old, my father and I went on a hunt to buy a book on programming because all computer centers back then refused admission stating that I was too young to learn to program machines. My father after carefully reviewing the books at Odyssey, gifted me the book ‘Let Us C’ by Yashwant Kanetkar. Little did we know at that time, that reading that book was going to make me a tech wizard and change my life forever.

Information is great. Knowing something that you didn’t know can change your life. And I truly believe useful knowledge is power. That is why I am a compulsive reader. I spend more than half of my day each day – gathering new information. Having said that, there are areas where just having the right information at the right time is not sufficient. Sometimes, you have all the information you need and you just don’t know how it is going to solve your problem. And then when you go to sleep or play a physical sport and suddenly when you’re least expecting it, you have that Aha moment! This is where the same information that you always had turned into an insight. This is invaluable. What are some of those ‘Aha’ moments in your life? And how did it happen? Perhaps you suddenly had a revelation or maybe a friend or a coach helped you come to that awareness. And if you think about it, you may recognize that these ‘insights’ impacted the decisions you made and possibly have changed the course of your life. This is why I say that some insights are just invaluable. Now, are there situations where ‘insight’ is not enough? Continue reading (1094)

I met a man he was entertaining a group of people. He asked a girl to think of a number from 1 to 5, and he guessed it right. She thought of 3. And then he asked another man in the group to quickly think of a number between 1 to 10, and he guesses it right, again it was 7. I knew what he was doing, 3 and 7 are the most popular answers. If you create the requisite urgency, 19 in 20 will give you the same answers. I enjoyed watching him turn a simple routine into an entertaining event, but I was surprised when he said – ‘That was NLP’.

At another place, another time in my life I saw a coach coaching someone in the airplane. He leads the client to set goals using the standard corporate method of SMART goal setting. He then got the coachee to become aware of his body. The coachee was mildly entertained. The coach had an artificial voice, that tried to sound serious and yet hypnotic. He said something weird like ‘You like me, want to make this come true’. The ‘like me’ sounded out of place and unnatural just like everything else. He was trying to use a very ineffective variation of an NLP technique called embedded commands to be more likable but instead came across as sheepish.

I saw a TV program, and I saw a so-called spiritual guru, use effective hypnosis. As he delivered his speech, I said, wait I recognize that pattern, I was amused when I traced the words he used, the sequences and the patterns to an NLP trainer based in California.

And finally, I had enough when I met a bunch of so called ‘NLP Experts’ who had gathered from around the world, talking about their phobias, anger, and various issues. I saw them do a couple of demonstration on volunteers, which wasn’t more than half-baked hypnosis combined with some visualization techniques. The client in the demo felt relaxed, but there was no indication of any real change that would show up in the real world contexts. And as I heard the presenters describe what they were doing, it felt like I had walked into a circus club. When I left the room that night, I made a choice to walk out of that community and invest in something meaningful, instead.

My name is Antano Solar John. My training has been to be a Modeler from the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr. John Grinder. And in this article, I intend to expose a glaring flaw in the research of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) by both the Pro NLP and the Anti-NLP groups.

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This is the story of a young girl who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and how what her mother said in the first minute has changed her life completely. This was a regular day back in 2012, when I was in office doing consultations. I love doing consultations because it is so much fun to arrive at an insight that changes someone’s life forever. Each consultation session goes on for about 20 minutes. But what most people don’t realise is that I have arrived at the conclusion within the first five minutes, I merely take the remaining time to organise the information in a manner that makes it easily palatable with enough motivation to change built in.

For most people the question is how do I arrive at that – out of the box – small shift that can change the future of an individual, family or business? Some think it is the experience. Yes, it has to do with experience, I have done over 10,000 excellence installations, that counts. Some think it has to do with the diversity of my life. A business owner at 17, an author at 23, been into senior management, sales, business and sports, with exposure to people from an incredible range of occupations. But there is more. Beyond these experiences there is something else that I do, that makes a significant difference.

What I do differently is – I see, hear and sense more signals in a conversation than most people are aware of. For instance, it is almost impossible for someone in my presence to have a shift in their pace of breath without it catching my attention, likewise with certain muscle movements, vocal inflections, body odour and so on. In this article, I am going to specifically share in the following story the things I hear that most people miss out.

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Geniuses, we have seen them, sometimes have heard of them, these are the people who are outliers, they redefine the rules of whatever we think is possible and sometimes make such a paradigm shift in the functioning of the world. Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Newton; these are the people who have shaped the world we live in today, not only by their innovation and discoveries but also by the extend of impact they have had on the society by large.

The world likes us to believe that geniuses are half crazy people, who are extremely good at ONE thing and complete losers at everything else? In fact, it propagates the fatal lie that – you are either a jack of all trades or a master of one. And to come to think about – it is such a misleading belief or view of the world considering that geniuses around us and from history, seem to be masters of many trades!

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Solar Voice

Convince like a Charm. Closing is not only for the sales people but for everyone. Every parent, every child, every life partner, every business person. And in this episode of Solar Voice, I share with you three ideas that may change the way you influence, forever!




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Solar Voice

The Next Solar Voice Episode. What if you had to take a stance with Time, to either make it your enemy or your ally, what would you choose? This episodes challenges the illusion of being stuck and helps you discover how you can ensure that your life gets better with time each passing day.




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What is the single largest amount of money and time I have spent in my life?

A Crore, and a bit more than that, is what I have spent in terms of money alone in acquiring personal guidance from mentors, coaches and trainers who know me and who are experts in the areas I want to grow in. And I intend to spend five times more in the next three years.


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Solar Voice

The Next Solar Voice Episode. How to take a significant initial success and multiply it? How do you make whatever you did to get success so innate that you do more of what works for you, naturally and easily?

This episode of Solar Voice is a continuation of the previous episode titled Significance of FIRST Success. And in this episode, I share how to accelerate once you get your initial success.



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Solar Voice

The Next Solar Voice Episode. Are you AWARE of what you have REALLY achieved when you get your FIRST success? Initial Success when measured at the surface value can be very demotivating especially when it comes after much effort. We have seen a lot of people give up just when things are shaping up. It is like what the Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma once said: “Today is difficult, tomorrow is more difficult, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most die tomorrow evening”

In this episode of Solar Voice, I have addressed what is the significance of your initial success. And why it is so important for you to recognise it.



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After, 3.5 years of sailing through, we are finally upgrading the uP! offering to get even better. It all started in November 2011, when Harini and I innocently walked into the hall to deliver what we called a ‘NLP Practitioner’ program. And just before we started we realised people who had come there wanted some very serious changes in their life. That was the birth of the uP! Program. Instead of a regular NLP Training, we used our NLP Skills to help people make REAL changes in their Life.

Our approach to changing people’s lives involved changing the person first. Harini and I figured what fundamental capability, if available, would make ‘this’ person get the life he or she wants as a natural consequence of who they have become. After about a year, we figured some of the common capabilities that we were installing during the batch that helped people get the life they want and grow fast holistically. It was at this moment, we came up with the tag line ‘Superior Capabilities. Installed.’ to express what happened at the uP!
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I am in the business of change. I help people to get what they want by helping them to experience personal changes in almost real time. The people in my inner circle, a focussed group of about 100 people who track how I do what I do, fondly refer to me as a story teller. They see me as the guy who comes up with metaphors that change lives. And the ONE question I am most asked is ‘How do you come up with these stories at the right moment for the right person?’


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Solar Voice

The Next Solar Voice Episode on Avoiding a very common Growth trap. In this episode I discuss, how people turn a temporary inconvenience into a lifetime roadblock. And also, what you can do to avoid this growth trap!



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Living Root Bridge


How to you ensure you don’t add fuel to the fire. Most people in a challenging or disastrous situation tend to cause more damage that the situation itself. In this episode of Solar Voice, you discover how to avoid that trap, as well as a simple method that may turn the challenge into an advantage

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PS: Image Courtesy to Wikipedia. It depicts the living root bridges of Cherrapunji. They are naturally self-renewing and self-strengthening as the component roots grow thicker.

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How do you create a habit? How do you take something you do that has the potential to completely change your life and make it into an obsessive compulsive second nature that you enjoy. In this podcast, I share a simple technique that I adopted from what a friend from the Israeli army shared with me.


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So, it has been three years since we have started School of Excellence. And retrospecting the past few years, I have learnt a few things. And in this article I am going to share what I discovered.

As I remember three years ago, my ‘tech’ network told me, “You are a born genius with programming. Don’t throw away your talents.” My family was shocked that I had just abandoned a promising career. A few startups and investors couldn’t come to terms that I wasn’t taking in the fancy CTO position in their firm and some who didn’t know me at all thought I was just another wannabe kid who wanted to ‘start’ something.

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In this episode I discuss the framework of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the guiding principle that makes it unique and extremely powerful. I also address where do they come from and what it can mean to you. I close with some pointers on how to use this knowledge to train yourself to master your understanding of human behaviours further.

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