Awakening the Artist to get the Genius in Action

Is it possible, that when you awaken the artist within, your entire life takes on a new trajectory? In my earlier article, I have discussed how Geniuses who have actually left a legacy have always been a Master of Many trades. The example I love to quote often is that of Einstein playing the Violin amidst his lectures on physics.

Getting good and pushing your own bar of excellence in any art form will play back into your business and relationships, simply because you have access to wider choices of altered states where your neurology is more equipped to arrive at more creative solutions.

In this article, I would like to share with you the Most Accelerated way to Learn.

Learning by UnConscious Assimilation:

  1. Find a Genius
  2. Create the opportunity where you can be around the Genius when he/she is performing what you want to Learn
  3. Condition Yourself to be Awake and mirror every muscle of the Genius when he/she performs without any conscious effort or interference (You learn this at uP!)
  4. Practice Obsessively and Compulsively
  5. Make a Parallel Practice context, where after you indulge in unconscious assimilation you have your own opportunity to perform
  6. To those of you who are familiar with fractionation – fractionate, others just get good sleep.

This is how I surprise people with the things I know. People ask how do I have so much time to master so many things? The answer is I get there faster. There is a reason I pursued singing when my teachers told me I could be tone deaf and it is a miracle if I ever sing. The reason was I wanted to perfect the art of learning to learn. And also, I consider myself a modeler. And a modeler typically looks for interesting things outside of what he or she may already be good at. And for me, I get a thrill out of discovering things that are both useful and radically different from what I know.

Here are 3 quick Discoveries about Learning from my experience as a Modeler:

  1. It is not about the techniques
    Helping performers who are already at the top get to the next level has led me to believe artistry is not about the technique. And the finer nuances that we don’t even know we need to learn can take decades to learn but with the approach of unconscious assimilation, one can get there way faster. If you do an honest search, every fine artist, the business owner has had a mentor. It may or may not be a formal setup. Learning from a Genius in the field makes a difference because there are things that can’t be coded into steps or words, easily. And most time, what the genius does is so innate to him/her that they will not be conscious of the exact stuff that is making the difference between then and an average performer.
  2. There is no Creative Gene or the Learning Gene
    Your Neurology has the capability to learn and do incredible things. And I truly believe if any one man can walk on water, a good modeler can get anyone to walk on water. I have helped people labeled ADD, ADHD, and all kinds of learning disabilities,  learn what was believed impossible for them to learn. And I can assure you – there is nothing that you can’t really learn.
  3. It is always Polycontextual
    The neurology doesn’t demarcate or create boxes around what we learn like most people do consciously. It doesn’t go – this is my passion, this is my business. Instead, everything cross feeds into each other. There is a reason most outstanding scientists grew up listening to some form of classical music, peotry or art. The is a reason most people adore sportsmen. This is because when you master any art form, the states, attitude, and creativity you develop with it will flow into everything else you do.

So, who knows, what may solve your business challenge could be you making that first step to awakening the artist within and going with it till you succeed?

Here is a small video of how Harini and I help individuals develop their modeling skills to become an excellence learner. We pack this learning with the opportunity to model Harini singing for those 6 days and also perform. What Harini and I get thrilled about this entire journey in those 7 days is how right there the learning generalizes into a real business/life project leading to people gathering investment, writing books and launching their own businesses before the dawn of the 8th day. Truly, Awaken the Artist in you and the Genius you will get to the action in ways that will be both be delightful and rewarding when you look back.


overcoming the invisble enemy to real growth

It’s common knowledge that you look for people with a passion and motivation to Excel when you recruit. That’s a no-brainer. And if you look you will find PLENTY who are motivated and are supercharged to achieve something in life – thanks to ALL the amazing movies like ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, quality books and videos on the internet and the positive culture in most societies at large.

Now, imagine what happens when a highly motivated and charged individual, Joe, for example, gets to work on a new project in which he is not yet an expert. For the average person, every job would look easy from the outside. It’s the fancy fair toy effect, where you see someone show you an interesting toy like a boomerang and it looks so simple to use and when you come back home, you realize there is a ‘learning curve’ to use this simple toy. This article is about ONE invisible trap that Joe needs to avoid to stay motivated and succeed. Continue reading (630)

Information, Insight and Installations – What’s the Difference?

Information is great. Knowing something that you didn’t know can change your life. And I truly believe useful knowledge is power. This is why I am a compulsive reader. I spend more than half of my day each day – gathering new information. Having said that – there are areas where having the right information at the right time is not enough. Sometimes, you have all the information you need and you just don’t know how it is going to solve your problem. And then you go to sleep or play a physical sport and the in the midst of nowhere you have an Aha moment. This is where the same information that you always had turned into an insight. This is invaluable. What are those ‘Aha’ moments in your life? And how did it happen? Perhaps you suddenly had a revelation or maybe a friend or a coach helped you come to that awareness. And if you think about it, you may recognize that these ‘insights’ impacted the decisions you made and possibly have changed the course of your life. This is why I say that some insights are just invaluable. Now, are there situations where ‘insight’ is not enough? Continue reading (943)

The Flaw in the Research of Neuro Linguistic Programming


I met a man he was entertaining a group of people. He asked a girl to think of a number from 1 to 5, and he guessed it right. She thought of 3. And then he asked another man in the group to quickly think of a number between 1 to 10, and he guesses it right, again it was 7. I knew what he was doing, 3 and 7 are the most popular answers. If you create the requisite urgency, 19 in 20 will give you the same answers. I enjoyed watching him turn a simple routine into an entertaining event, but I was surprised when he said – ‘That was NLP’.

At another place, another time in my life I saw a coach coaching someone in the airplane. He leads the client to set goals using the standard corporate method of SMART goal setting. He then got the coachee to become aware of his body. The coachee was mildly entertained. The coach had an artificial voice, that tried to sound serious and yet hypnotic. He said something weird like ‘You like me, want to make this come true’. The ‘like me’ sounded out of place and unnatural just like everything else. He was trying to use a very ineffective variation of an NLP technique called embedded commands to be more likable but instead came across as sheepish.

I saw a TV program, and I saw a so-called spiritual guru, use effective hypnosis. As he delivered his speech, I said, wait I recognize that pattern, I was amused when I traced the words he used, the sequences and the patterns to an NLP trainer based in California.

And finally, I had enough when I met a bunch of so called ‘NLP Experts’ who had gathered from around the world, talking about their phobias, anger, and various issues. I saw them do a couple of demonstration on volunteers, which wasn’t more than half-baked hypnosis combined with some visualization techniques. The client in the demo felt relaxed, but there was no indication of any real change that would show up in the real world contexts. And as I heard the presenters describe what they were doing, it felt like I had walked into a circus club. When I left the room that night, I made a choice to walk out of that community and invest in something meaningful, instead.

My name is Antano Solar John. My training has been to be a Modeler from the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr. John Grinder. And in this article, I intend to expose a glaring flaw in the research of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) by both the Pro NLP and the Anti-NLP groups.

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The Mother’s Cure to Daughter’s Schizophrenia

This is the story of a young girl who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and how what her mother said in the first minute has changed her life completely. This was a regular day back in 2012, when I was in office doing consultations. I love doing consultations because it is so much fun to arrive at an insight that changes someone’s life forever. Each consultation session goes on for about 20 minutes. But what most people don’t realise is that I have arrived at the conclusion within the first five minutes, I merely take the remaining time to organise the information in a manner that makes it easily palatable with enough motivation to change built in.

For most people the question is how do I arrive at that – out of the box – small shift that can change the future of an individual, family or business? Some think it is the experience. Yes, it has to do with experience, I have done over 10,000 excellence installations, that counts. Some think it has to do with the diversity of my life. A business owner at 17, an author at 23, been into senior management, sales, business and sports, with exposure to people from an incredible range of occupations. But there is more. Beyond these experiences there is something else that I do, that makes a significant difference.

What I do differently is – I see, hear and sense more signals in a conversation than most people are aware of. For instance, it is almost impossible for someone in my presence to have a shift in their pace of breath without it catching my attention, likewise with certain muscle movements, vocal inflections, body odour and so on. In this article, I am going to specifically share in the following story the things I hear that most people miss out.

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