My Entrepreneurship Journey started when I was 16. It was a  browsing center called Solar Surf Soft. We soon upgraded it to a fancy gaming cafe called BLISS and conducted tournaments sponsored by AMD. What we did was provide a safe environment for parents to allow their children to game and help our members pioneering gaming to compete in World Level Championships.

When I graduated I worked as an independent tech consultant with various firms and then joined  as the Chief Technology Officer at Nuveda Learning.

All these ventures helped me strengthen my skills as a Technology Architect, Cyberneticist, Author, NLP Expert and Management.

Today, I am focused on making available the benefits of NLP Modelling to the common person. NLP in the past has coded models of excellence in various fields and my current interest is in making such models available to people by research, education and business.

Following are three of my ventures to accomplish this:

  • School of Excellence – The research organisation focusing on Context Specific Modelling of Excellence
  • uPwithNLP Pvt Ltd – Organisation focussed on installation of superior capabilities including ‘Success on AutoPilot’
  • NLP Bliss Pvt Ltd – Program Your Neurology for Excellence using NLP in an intensive 60 minute session.

We are aware that there are so many more NLP Models that we can make available to people. If you are interested in pursuing a specific field using NLP  like Music, Sports, Education and if you consider yourself to be a capable CEO for that initiative, get in touch with us and School of Excellence may be interested in funding this initiative.