About Antano

Antano Solar is the creator of Excellence Installation Technology which is a personal development framework that enhances the trajectory of your life by making strategic adjustments in your unconscious patterning based on your unique legacy potential.

He is one of the most sought after Business, Performance and Health  related personal excellence consultants in the world.

A Note from Antano:

Hi Reader,

I invite you to join the Legacy Moment. Today is the age where you don’t have to be Michael Jackson to create a legacy. And by bringing in acceleration in your own development, you can launch your legacy in 2 – 3 years instead of 20 years later.

Every experience an individual has in their life create a unique tapestry to a potential legacy. And if you give an average person 200 years to work on their discoveries, there is a reasonable chance that they will crack enough of the system to make a big impact and a meaningful contribution. The challenge, however, is that people don’t have 200 years, they probably do have 20 productive years. And most people are trying to fit themselves into a statistical society when their unique legacy is much healthier and fulfilling to achieve.

Also, I am convinced that although legacy is the goal, the drive for it has to come from evolving one’s own personal excellence. Most people have a way of getting good at what they are already excellent at. But evolving, actually requires that one overcomes their limitation and integrates areas that they haven’t explored before. In a society that is engineered to create specialists, it’s the cross-pollination of talents that drives innovation. And in the same way, evolving as a person in a way that you connect with people and influence them along with developing your own ability to learn different things and master complimentary art forms. All of this is an essential part of what contributes to creating a legacy. I have written a lot more about this in my article, 6 Traits of the Brilliant Mind.

In this site, you will find a lot of content from my experience in helping people compress time in launching their legacy. My specialty is to notice the difference between what a person has and what a person needs to achieve their legacy. What is missing in their ‘unconscious frames’ and what adjustments have to be made to their unconscious state choice, life directives, and capabilities? I believe, Legacy comes from having several layers sorted in your life and the more you have sorted, the easier it becomes. And some of these layers include Health, Relationships, Influence, Learning Acceleration and much more. And when I work with people, I like to come to my own conclusion on what areas I need to help them achieve a significant breakthrough by shifting their unconscious patterning. So, contrary to the advice of several friends, well-wishers, and paid consultants, I do not work on a single niche. To me, my niche is a composite one, because legacy is an outcome of evolving one’s personal excellence in several layers that need to work together as one unit. If you are helping yourself by reading my articles, try alternating between areas where you find yourself really good at and areas where you totally need to improve. You may find yourself evolving faster than just focussing on your current strengths.

This is my blog. It is a documentation of my thoughts from when I was 18. I started this as a place for me to refer to my own developing ideas. Although it serves a much bigger purpose now, it captures the evolution of me as a person and reasonably reflects my thinking process at this moment. For those of you who are seeking for personal excellence and learning the cutting edge technologies in terms of modelling geniuses, unconscious patterning and influence, the recent articles and podcasts will be a treat.

Some people think I practice Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). And that is only as much truth as saying I do my work in English. It is an incomplete description of how I do what I do. I have the highest regard for Dr. John Grinder and he continues to mentor me and I benefit immensely from his installations, insight, and information. What he has offered both behaviourally by demonstration and through targeted interventions is way beyond what he documented as NLP along with Bandler in the 80’s. I hope I have done reasonable justice to what I have learned from him and from own experience in the descriptions that I am sharing with you through my writing and podcasts. I have noticed in the past that people who are NLP trained as well those who look at my content as NLP techniques don’t learn much from it anyway. If your interest is in NLP, I highly recommend you read my article on ‘The Flaw in the Research of Neuro Linguistic Programming.’


To those who want to work with me,  you need to know, I do not motivate people. And you will find me too expensive to get motivated. If you want motivation, go and watch a movie like ‘Pursuit to Happiness’. Can I Motivate? Yes, with the advanced training I have on detecting and altering unconscious patterning, I can motivate people. I can motivate people to the degree that I have helped a so-called ‘disobedient’ teen stop taking drugs and invest time, focus and attention in her life, even when she didn’t even want to talk to me in the beginning. The fact that I can, doesn’t mean that I want to. And I have no interest in motivating anyone to do anything. What I am interested in is to help driven people do that thing that they are unable to do, even after trying their best.


What most people can’t afford to get my help is time. When you know that by investing about 20 days over 2 years,  you can save dozens of years in your growth and happiness trajectory, then the investment of time become easily possible. And this is why, you need to know from the beginning, what you are approaching me for.

The other thing that I truly believe in, is the idea that there are people who can give you practical insights that have the potential to change the nature of your business and trajectory of life. And some of them could be naturally talented to make a permanent shift in your thinking both consciously and unconsciously. And there are gifted relationships you need to nurture. When I was 25, I had the rare opportunity to start a mentee relationship with Dr. John Grinder, in a very personal capacity on the unconscious patterns of human behaviour and development. This altered the trajectory of my life, from being tech author and CTO who had a strong local and international community connection in the open source field to who I am now. A one-on-one relationship with a genius like that, that gives you more than information, it helps you arrive at useful insights and helps you experience unconscious shifts in your behaviour. I have written more about this in the article ‘The difference between Information, Insight, and Installation’. The content that I produce, at the moment, I write for the people who have had direct contact with me, those who are driven to create their own legacy as well as those who want to be that mentor to someone. I intend to empower you with arriving at the insights and learning about how to make the new choices feel easy, natural and innate. I pray that the creator of heaven and earth continues to give me the wisdom and talent to write on the kind of experiences and learning from my life, that will significantly help a person evolve their personal excellence in every aspect.


Antano Solar John