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Mankind has always tried to INCREASE capabilities against the Creator’s Wisdom.

Eve did this in the garden of Eden, eating the apple of knowledge - A capability without the wisdom to handle it.

And now, Mankind is doing the same thing with LONGEVITY. The scriptures say, men used to live for a thousand years, and then God reduced it to a hundred. Billionaires and scientists want to find a way to live longer than 200 Years. And we may be very close. But will it make them happier or devastated? There is an ancient prophecy in the scriptures, that a time will come, when people will search for death but they won’t get it. With all the great innovations, Isn't it time we develop our Wisdom to handle our progress and evolve the science of Human Predictive Intelligence.

With nano technology, augmented reality, neuro-tech and artificial intelligence, we may just be at that brink where we have made a choice, to evolve as humans in ways that makes a happier world.


And I think there is no better time for human kind to look at personal evolution for predictive intelliegence and capability acceleration.

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Early Life

Between the ages of 5 through 8, I acquired a diverse set of skills and interests, including computer programming, hacking software piracy protections, exploring the workings of household electrical appliances, and achieving a top 10 rank in national chess tournaments. Additionally, I practiced certain forms of Yoga and Meditation that only a select few yoga practitioners manage to achieve. Furthermore, I successfully managed and grew a gaming cafe, handling everything from setup to administration to growth hacking.

I was fortunate to have participated in a competition that landed me a prize - The Bible. Before I turned 18, I had read it a zillion times, and I can’t imagine what life would have been without that background for me. At the same time, I connected with impact creators all around the world, pioneers of various programming languages and frameworks, and got involved in a plethora of open source activities.


By the time I was in college and before I turned 23, I had already published two tech-books with Packt Publications, served as a consultant for several IT organizations, had an IEEE publication, won the "Yahoo Hack award" twice and started working as the Chief Technology Officer in a Ed-tech company. 

A series of events including helping a person regain moments after a C5 fracture,  (hypelink) led me to pursue, gadgets and games, that could lead to an instant transformation in minutes that have long lasting effects from within. Also, I was enthralled with the idea of unconscious modelling of genius; where you can pick up the genius from legends, in a fraction of the time they have taken to get there. The possibilities of decoding genius in each industry, in each field and creating gadgets that will allow individuals to develop instant capabilities was larger than anything I could have ever dreamt. 

And in the pursuit of the answers to make what we did AI enabled, scale and impact millions of lives, we stumbled into the most obvious truth that seems almost invisible to many people in the responsibility of evolving people - parents, coaches, mentors, educationists, and almost everyone.


For over 5 years, around 90 Immersive events, over 300 flights, meeting thousands of people who came once, twice, thrice and several more times, over periods of years - one thing became very evident.


When a child is crossing a busy street without signals, she instinctively knows whether she can cross safely or wait for the vehicle to pass. The math of that isn’t a simple distance = velocity * time. It is far from that, because both the child and the vehicle are changing speeds. If you had to calculate it mathematically, you would be running two integral equations one for the child and one for the vehicle with a set of variables including the coefficient of friction between the child’s footwear and the road. Thankfully, we don’t have to know any of it because we are all born with innate predictive intelligence. 

Now, think about what happens when you stretch this from a 5 second crossing the road scenario to 5 days, 5 months, 5 years, 50 years. 

Imagine, enhancing your predictive intelligence, and for the entire human race. The intuition to know the set of capabilities, choices and qualities that will help you make happen the things that are otherwise impossible and reduce the time it takes to achieve other things by upto 99%.

Combine this with a sure shot mechanism to develop unconscious competence and innate capabilities in minutes instead of days, weeks, months, years or decades and you immediately have a feed-forward loop to validate your predictive intelligence. 

Predictive Intelligence is the difference between an individual with advanced unconscious persuasion capabilities, using her talent to bargain with a roadside vendor on the price of vegetables versus the same person closing a billion dollar win-win deal.  Or using powerful innate capability acceleration tools to sleep lesser versus the same person improving his character gaps in a way that builds his family, society and the world. 

We all have our blind spots, so we need to be careful. The more intuitive a person becomes, the more chances their blind spots become uncorrectable.  The feed-forward that comes from the combination of Predictive Intelligence and Immediate Capability Acceleration, ensures- heightened intuition without getting trapped with unvalidated principles and generalized assumptions. 

Such strategic Capability Acceleration, validated by life outcomes, not only helps in living an integrated life and creating big impact without compromising on any area of your life, it can also in many circumstances reduce the time frame required for an outcome to a fraction. And in some cases, even help attain what was otherwise impossible. This is why we have been able to help in the areas of conceiving, cancer pain, education, relationships and launching a legacy, in ways no one else has done before. And the science of predictive intelligence and capability acceleration may just help people achieve in their lifetime what they may have achieved if they had lived 200 years. 

The boundaries of what is possible appear endless… and with thousands of case studies, independent research and peer-review, Excellence Installations is a proprietary technology to create life results using Personal Evolution as a vehicle that was either impossible otherwise or in a time frame that is a fraction of the conventional route.

Social impact

Our hearts have always been towards helping under-privileged children. Harini and I helped A.R Rahman launch the sunshine orchestra, A band of aspiring musicians who came from under-privileged backgrounds who, after our work, gained the capabilities to perform as artists in the United Nations with him in record time.

Later, we demonstrated to the community how, a group of us spending 2 days, were able to turn around the academic trajectory of hundreds of students and even help the school achieve a 100% pass percentage for the first time in its history. Following which, the community which learned Excellence Installations has created impact in schools, hospitals, legal system and several other industries where there is no other alternative and when the individuals couldn’t have afforded the paid services for Excellence Installation. 

A recent study showed that the EIT education has already impacted over 1 Lakh individuals directly across the country, and is set to continue the impact to 10 Lakhs over the next 10 years with what we have already done. But we don’t intend to stop here. Our primary focus is EIT Education through our program called Become Installation Genius, to help impact creators with every aspect of their lives, while turning their impact to BIG IMPACT.

Personal Life

The most personal aspect of my life is my relationship with God. I experienced the power of God in my life when I started reading the bible at the age of 12. People who know me closely outside of my professional relationship, invite me to pray. And I truly enjoy the joy of being in the presence of God when filled with the holy-spirit. When I travel, I like to go church hopping to meet believers from so many diverse backgrounds. Many prophets have said, I will be doing God’s ministry, but at this point, I am just riveted on the business that God has blessed me with and the impact I am gifted to deliver. Maybe there will come a time when I would get to sharing God’s word, setting aside my business, but right now my faith is just my personal space. And a source of strength to everyone who shares this space with me.


Is it possible that just listening to this podcast series, helps you sleep better and deeper in the nights to come, while improving the overall quality of your life? Welcome to the world of Excellence Installations. It brings to you a magical experience that is also transformative. While Season 1 teaches you the secrets to Master Change Within you, Season 2 pushes the boundary to make a podcast that has a different “installation impact” each time, based on your on-going life contexts.

Antano & Harini bring to you insights that they have discovered in creating over 50,000 life changing breakthrough. And they turn them into a blissful installation experience. This has never been done before up until now. This season takes you places within, where only you can go!



Navigating the influence of context on our emotions and motivations to drive positive change, and how to avoid the trap of being slaves to the context that comes our way, and instead harness the force hidden inside the context. 


Closing is not only for the sales people but for everyone. Every parent, every child, every life partner, every business person. And in this episode of Solar Voice, I share with you three ideas that may change the way you influence, forever!


We saw a rainbow on the day of releasing this episode. What makes rainbows so special is that no two people see the same exact thing based on how the light is being bent and reflected back to you, everyone sees something different. 

Solar Words

STORIES OF WISDOM IN Real Change, Impact Creator Series & Personal Evolution Hacks

Deep-dive into the thought processes and first principles that allowed me to turn around thousands of medical limitations and impossible situations in record time. 

From my earlier days of being an “NLP Wizard” to creating Excellence Installations Technology. From helping thousands Launch their Legacies in 2 years instead of 20 to Building the largest one-on-one mentoring platform in the world. This blog takes you through the challenges, the innovations and the pivotal shifts I had to make for myself while I helped thousands of people from all walks of life and built a disruptive business around it that grew 1000x in just 10 years.


If we know how to notice to the unconscious verbal and non- verbal markings in a conversation, we tap into the ability to connect the parts of the communication that may have the same vocal qualities. But, there's more to it.

"Who would have guessed that the information is right on our lips and yet we miss them so often?" 

To me, this is just one of the many ways how sometimes the challenge we are trying to solve is so different from where our focus has to be.  The next time you have a conversation, Even before the conversation ‘formally’ starts, consider taking ‘figures of speech’ more literally and explore where it leads you. Discover these giveaways in these stories and gain the wisdom to lead you to real change.


Have you come across people who's journey influences and nurtures them into being better human beings and at the same time achieve a common goal: "To LEAD"? 

So, I would define Impact Creators as Leaders who have positively changed the trajectory of people around the world, evolved their consciousness, set a precedence to what wasn’t considered a possibility and have taken the World to a better place.

There is no doubt that to achieve such an outcome, the person has to have a golden heart, a good intent and strong motivation. But what is often overlooked is their Superior Capabilities to be ABLE. 


There is a new dimension, depth, and creativity that comes from the integration of the conscious processes and unconscious processes, intuition and logic, art and science. 

Einstein, besides being a reputable scientist was an exceptional violinist. Besides being a legendary painter, Leonardo was an incredible mathematician credited with invention of the helicopter.

Awakening your personal evolution in you and getting your genius in action will be both delightful and rewarding in more ways than you can imagine. When you look back, you find yourself amazed with the dimensions and speed you have created for yourself. 

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From Helping A.R. Rahman launch Sunshine Orchestra in just 8 months. To getting a paralysed man with a C5 fracture to get back movements and return to his full-time job. From Helping 100+ underprivileged children to break a 65-years' record with just 2 days of precise Installations. To helping thousands Launch their legacies. The video playlists below take you through the possibilities this open up for you and your loved ones!

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Its for the first time, we have the technology to create the deep rooted transitions in real time. The eye to do installations on people in a Live Installation event trains your neurology to bring subtle yet intense shifts in people back into your life contexts. And uncovering the depth of each individual's unconscious mind-map with real-time validation empowers you with heightened intuitions. You discover what it takes to shift trajectories. The Installation Genius is designed to give you visibility on how capabilities for future dreams are sculpted ahead of time,  and increase the magnitude of impact you have on people. Business, Family, Organisations, every aspect of The EIT Apprenticeship is designed in pursuit of developing your Installation Genius.

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 2 -3 Years and not 10 or 20.
It’s an all-in-one magical journey that truly completes your rarity, Genuine Life-Integration that enables and evolves all the critical elements of your identity, while you discover and work on your true-calling to launch your legacy, at the same time!

Become Installation Genius!

An invite only Apprenticeship to develop capabilities of World Leaders. The superior ATC Capability helps you rapidly develop business intelligence, discover market psychology, trade secrets even in ever-changing unpredictable times and join the league of irreplaceable outliers.

Accelerate Superior Capabilities for Life!
Designed for highly driven individuals who break personal boundaries to change their world. For an intricately, empowered life. Installation and Implementations
Working at the core unconscious patterns.

What are your Deepest Desires?
Choose from 51 Personal Evolution Focus areas and Make your WiSH come true with powerful changes from within in record time. Experience Excellence Installations for innate shifts that feel natural. Celebrate Personal Evolution that gets you more good feelings in your daily living.



To collaborate on Non-Invasive Neuro Tech and bring ACCELERATION to the Excellence Installation Vision.


Disrupt an Industry - that is begging for a change. A space where Personal Evolution is a superior alternative to the current solution.


You want me to talk about the Science of Personal Evolution to a group of audience

Media Presence

To collaborate on Non-Invasive Neuro Tech and bring ACCELERATION to the Excellence Installation Vision. Disrupt an Industry - that is begging for a change. A space where Personal Evolution is a superior alternative to the current solution.

You want me to talk about the Science of Personal Evolution to a group of audience If you are looking to overcome what looks like an impossible situation in your personal habits, family, health or business, Accelerate Your Success or Launch Your Legacy 10 to 100 times faster - go to and get in touch.

 If you are an impact creator, you would like to become an excellence installation artist to create even bigger impact in a shorter time frame. Watch this webinar.