You have a Challenge

I Make Solutions,

You Have a Solution

I Accelerate Results!

That’s all I do, irrespective of Contexts –

“Business, Technology, People“

I did this when I was 16, When I started as a young entrepreneur and I continue to do it now! Back then People had to just Trust Me, Now I Have a demonstrated Profile. I started with the compassion to help, and that still remains. What has changed is the Magnitude, Scope and Impact of my Interventions.

My name is Antano Solar John and I am the co-creator of Excellence Installation Technology. About 100 years ago no one would have believed you can travel between countries within a matter of hours. Advances in technology has led to the invention of flying vehicle. EIT is the Flying Vehicle in the space of Personal Excellence. The technology allows for an individual to improve behaviours, traits and their core nature in weeks and months instead of years and decades. The technology is scalable. A well equipped EIT specialist will be able to identify and deliver with precision the necessary shifts in an individual that will produce the required positive butterfly effect in that person's life.

I’ve dramatically increased the quality of life of very famous personalities and made possible what is perceived to be ‘miracles’ for thousands. What I am currently focused on is building the technology, business and education necessary to make this Magic available to Millions.

How it all started?

When I was 22, I was a Tech Geek, the Chief Technology Officer for Nuveda Learning and the author of a programming booked published by MODx (one of the leading and largest publishers for technology books). And in my free time, I helped people overcome their personal limitations using Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Phani Kumar and the Miraculous Recovery

In 2011, I got an unusual request, to help a young man overcome paralysis and get back his full time job when medically doctors claimed that it was impossible for him to recover. This request got me to search for someone in the world who could possible help him. 

John Grinder's Mentoring

John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP offered his help to mentor me personally and help me Phani Kumar in his recovery. By the end of the journey I was lovingly called the Metaphor Man in the NLP circle.  

School of Excellence

Harini and I started School of Excellence to create toys and equipments that can use the principles of NLP to bring about a permanent change as well to build business around context specific installations. A detailed explanation of the same can be found here.

Parables in Action (Storytelling with Metaphors)

Harini and I figured, that parables are one of the over-looked methods to enable mindset shifts at an unconscious levels. And we started to experiment with how can we help people One-on-One in a group setting.

The ATC Model

After several years, we challenged an underlying assumption in the self-help industry. That people know what change or capability addition is the most important for them to develop for the life they want to achieve. We realized that in-order to strategically predict the long term consequences of their development they will need a lot more life experience and systemic thinking. We started putting a framework that can be leveraged to help an individual launch a legacy and live a fulfilled life in compressed time. We explained this to people using the formula:

Adjustments * Time  = Consequences.

The idea was simple, we have a technology (John Grinder's version of Neuro Linguistic Programming) to implement core changes in the traits, habits, thinking and mindset of a person within minutes that they were struggling with for a lifetime. When this technology is available, how do you use it? What developments do you go after? We needed a framework that puts this technology to its full use. 

Excellence Installation Specialists 

The Framework that was put in place to help people arrive at an ATC list that will help them compress time to achieve whatever they want got translated into an
eco-system of people who could use the framework effectively predict the most strategic set of adjustments that will compress time radically for an individual. 

You can check out our documentaries to understand what we mean by time compression. In essence, it is helping someone achieve in a year or two what they would have taken 10 or 20 years. It is helping someone achieve in weeks what they thought would take them years. 

The Present 

I am working on 3 Areas:

A Tech Gadget: 

Imagine a cool device that can assist some of the NLP procedures with some neuro feedback. I have pet named it 'The Helmet'. 

Disruptive Businesses:

The Technology of 'Installations' is like electricity. It is very fundamental. Just like we had to dig roads and lay cables and introduce light when the only source of light was candles and lamps, we have to lay the foundation for Installations to impact the whole world in every industry. And I am passionate about launching entrepreneurs who can impact very specific and targeted niche. 

Unique Problems: 

This is the core of where I came from. I do take private clients from time to time. The challenge has to be significant and well worthy of investing time and attention on it.

The Future

A revolution is coming. When we discovered steam, we got the industrial revolution. And with the dream of Gates, a PC in every home, we got the IT revolution. And I see a future, where every industry from preventive health to education is 'Installations' enabled. It used to take years to travel from one country to another. And it takes decades for most of the people in the world to evolve and get new capabilities. I see a world with 'Installations' where people evolve faster, and every industry becoming 'Installations Enabled'. And it is going to be better for the Human Race! 

The Business of Evolving People