I am sitting here in the Yahoo Open Hack event having desserts and I have this unexplainable desire to post this blog before I start on with my hack!(now that we know what we are going to do as mentioned below)

Someone I know who is also hacking today was with his girl friend yesterday. He wasn’t obviously very excited about the hack and way less motivated until the Lady looked straight into his eyes and in a low and pleasant tone at the same rate of his breath, spoke words of magic. The guy in a while responds, “I am surprised that I am so motivated now and just want to go and do my best hack, it must have been what you just said”. To which the Lady responded  “that’s because you are much into me!”

When I heard this – in my head I went “That’s the simplest explanation of Rapport I have ever heard“. Two individuals in love get Rapport more easily demonstrated than NLP experts trained for years in non verbal mirroring, matching predicates and other techniques.

To the NLP Practitioners – Rapport is all about getting the person “Much Into You” at any given time so that you can lead them to change their current states . And Pacing is all the process you do to get the other person “Into You” by becoming a Bio-Feedback Loop. So you Pace to build Rapport and when you build Rapport you Lead by becoming a Bio-ForwardFeed Loop

More about the hack – We are building a hack based on NLP principles from “Structure of Magic“. To the Practitioner you may have already guessed, its on the structure of communication. I will be posting a blog entry on it with more details soon and meanwhile, twitter updates tagged #openhackindia for the next 24 hours!

Pray for Us and May God Give Us Another Great Hack Award 🙂


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