Today, when I was reorganizing some stuff, a story of a management guru popped in my mind. This guy burns a 100$ bill in his sessions and states that people are doing the same when they burn their time! True as it sounds, but I must state that it is only partially true. Investing lot of time on a work when you are in a wrong state of mind is equivalent to earning lot money with wrong currency. Have you ever thought why people travel too far to seek the right opportunity to make more money. But, how many do travel to witness great experiences for the right mental state. I have personally done 90-hour job in 10 hours and vice versa. When it is no longer about working hard, why do management facilitators speak and talk of time as an isolated entity?

I must make this quick; maybe I am jotting this just for me to get back to it when I want. All that I wonder is what keeps a person in the right state of mind for the present situation. There is such a mind state for every such situation and I would call it the meta-state, stealing the phrase from Richard Bandler. I personally think the following are what keeps one in the right state:

1. Having a purpose

2. Knowing that the purpose is attainable, be it by facts or a hope

3. Reinforced faith from previous success from any context.

4. That’s too much simplification of everything that NLP states. I must rush out now.

5. Hoping to finish this when I have the right state of mind to this again.

But, just think about this for a moment: What will you do earning a high salary in an economically backward currency? When you compare your pay with global economic situation you are still just earning basic wages. Of what use is a lot of time with not the right mental state? When you compete with the best, you have only accomplished a fraction of their time’s effort.


  1. Counselor – “The Map is not the Territory” and the right resource for the right situation all in almost all of bandler’s books. I would recommend starting with “Frogs into Princess”.

  2. Very composed and well written article. Hope you get time to write more on it. Especially on “Of what use is a lot of time with not the right mental state?”


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