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I've dramatically increased the quality of life of very famous personalities and made possible what is perceived to be ‘miracles' for thousands. What I am currently focused on is building the technology, business and education necessary to make this Magic available to Millions.

“One of the finer catches I have landed is Antano. I have coached him through very complex cases he has boldly taken and watched his progress as he blossomed over a short period of time”

- Dr. John Grinder
Co-Creator NLP & New Code NLP

Case Study on Health: Helping an exceptionally determined individual move from “Bed Ridden for the rest of your Life” to “Independent and functioning!” -
A medical miracle made true by adapting fine NLP Patterning with the coaching of Dr. John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP)

Pre Condition Phani Kumar Met with a Tragic Road Accident in the US, it renders him paralyzed. He is diagnosed as complete c5 and partial c4 - quadriplegia which means the nerves around the neck region are permanently damaged and he cannot move his hands and legs. Phani is told by neurologists that regaining movements is impossible. He is flown to India in an Air Ambulance

Priming Phani reaches out to Antano. With the guidance of Dr. John Grinder, Antano starts sending Phani a series of stories to prime his subconscious for the possibility of full recovery

Miracle in the Making In the first session with Antano (in about 4 hours) - Phani Kumar develops controlled moments and later gets better movements in his fingers. This is followed by other sessions with progressive developments

Fully Independent Phani Kumar gets enough movements to be fully independent with minimal assistance. He can eat by himself, sit with very little support. He flies back to US to continue his full time job and recover further. He goes to office twice a week. And Neurologists confirm movements in his thighs as well.

I like to thank Dr. John Grinder for the continuous guidance with his vast experience and in-depth practical knowledge of very powerful patterning as well as Phani Kumar whose determined, tenacious and persistent spirit played a key role in this whole recovery.

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It just takes ONE Magic Moment for Your Whole Life to Change
And I believe:

There is No scarcity. The real challenge is Accessibility

The challenge with talent and one's own growth is more an issue of accessibility than that of scarcity. When people say, I don't have creativity or focus, what they are actually saying is that they don't yet know how to access their creativity. It is like having a Map with incomplete data.

Self Sustaining Transformation is Superior to just Positive Thinking and Motivation

When things work like they are meant to be, they just work. It does not need tinkering, pushing and coaxing. We do not motivate ourselves to brush our teeth everyday. We just do it. That is how it has to be with whatever you want to accomplish. You have to set things in place so that they happen naturally.

The Neurology Learns and adapts to changes Quickly

People can learn and learn very fast. And learning fast is the only way to develop a new habit. Try boiling Milk by heating it one minute a day. This is precisely how most change agents go about teaching the brain new habits. I like to do it fast and do it quick because that is the way it works.


You have a Challenge I Make Solutions, You Have a Solution I Accelerate Results!
That’s all I do, irrespective of Contexts – “Business, Technology, People“

I did this when I was 16, When I started as a young entrepreneur and I continue to do it now! Back then People had to just Trust Me, Now I Have a demonstrated Profile. I started with the compassion to help, and that still remains. What has changed is the Magnitude, Scope and Impact of my Interventions.

My name is Antano Solar John and I am the co-creator of Excellence Installation Technology. About 100 years ago no one would have believed you can travel between countries within a matter of hours. Advances in technology has led to the invention of flying vehicle. EIT is the Flying Vehicle in the space of Personal Excellence. The technology allows for an individual to improve behaviours, traits and their core nature in weeks and months instead of years and decades. The technology is scalable. A well equipped EIT specialist will be able to identify and deliver with precision the necessary shifts in an individual that will produce the required positive butterfly effect in that person's life.

Create EIT

I have a Membership Program that I am running till 31st December 2019. Here, I help people do things with their life that they didn't image was possible. This allows me to refine the technology of Excellence Installation.

Develop Wearable BioTech

I am developing tech gadgets that can detect shifts in mental states to automate the process of excellence installation. This creates a truly scalable system.

Mentor EIT Specialists

These people are backbone for scaling EIT to the world. We have clients from over 18 sectors. We literally need an army of consultants who can work in areas of business, education, preventive health and countless domains.

Solve Unique Problems

This is the core of where I came from. I do take private clients from time to time. The challenge has to be significant and well worthy of investing time and attention on it.

Success Stories

Nandana Wickramage
Marketing Guru, Group Director Ceylon Biscuits

“Antano has helped me discover and unleash my Full potential”

Success Stories

Savita Venkat
Principal, Bombay Cambridge School

“Antano has been a path director in my life. Today, I stand as a person who loves everyone”

Ravi Shankar

Jwalant Swaroop
CEO, Oshoyana Consultants

“Antano’s sessions have helped me has unlock potentials in my unconscious mind, today I am fearless to explore uncharted territories”

Ramana Reddy

Deepti Kathpalia
Counselor, Psychotherapist

“Antano has brought a huge transformation in me and the way I interact with people. I am still learning NLP but each step I take is joy!”

Savita Venkat

Dr. Sucharita Jain

“Now I can heal the mind and body together, thanks to Antano”


Ravishankar Somasundaram
International Tech Author & Expert

“Plant a seed, it becomes a flower. This is what Antano has done for me”

Jasmine Suri

Jeyachandran S
Vice-President, Marutham Group

“Antano is an exemplary teacher of NLP. Through him, I have witnessed tremendous personal changes at this age of 60, almost starting a new life accomplishing so much more”


Dr. Amrapali Patil
National Award winner

“Good to be an NLP Practitioner but great to have been coached by you”

Nandana Wickramage

Payal Muwal Kuthari
Trainer, University of Cambridge

“Life is now downside uP! Thank you for this new life!”

Jwalant Swaroop

Jasmine Suri
Firewalk Instructor, Behavioral Trainer & Empowerment Coach

“I feel Empowered and blessed. Looking forward to make more "ANTANO" moments for others”

Jasmine Suri

KV Ramana Reddy
Regional Manager, IBM

“Your session is beyond my expectation. It simply improves not only quality of life but also quality of Family. Keep going in service of mankind”

Deepti Kathpalia

Deepika Chalasani
CEO - Fit4Life

“At 40, I am healthiest, fittest and happiest ever, I have been in the last 15 years. My life took a 360 degree turn after Antano's sessions. Today I live a balanced life, transforming lives of so many people.”

Deepika Chalasani

Padma Gupta
Human Resources Director, Hafele India

“Working with Antano has been a revelation and a journey into rediscovering my own self in a new light… It has taken me uP personally and professionally and at what speed… wow!!!”

Padma Gupta

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