March 3, 2019

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Silicon Valley Billionaires say a Startup grows at a rate of 5%-7% every week. And I did that maths, at that rate it grows 1000x in 123 weeks. That is really accelerated!

Do you want to grow accelerated? Then these are 3 Super Powers you need to develop:

1. The power to choose your relationships

One of the recent scientific discoveries is that people don’t have the power to choose who they are attracted to. This is why you find someone falling in love with an abusive and even a  drug addicted partner and they still go ahead and marry this person and it ruins not just their life but also the children they give birth to. And the bigger problem is that most people don’t have choice over how they feel in certain situations. Someone who gets angry with their spouse/children continues to do so even if they feel bad about it. Some people feel nervous when they meet some of their colleagues and some people feel tongue tied. Some even feel jealous and feel guilt about feeling jealous. But all that is really not a problem if you have the capability to change and evolve fast because you can set yourself free from the limitations that stop you from having great relationships. And if you have the personal power to let go of certain relationships, then you can choose who you have in your life as mentors, friends, companions and trusted associates.

However, we can’t always let go of people in our life.  And we can’t really change the people in our lives all the time. Yes, we can change some of our friends and associates. But there are some people with whom we would rather change the kind of relationship we have with them. Because sometimes, you cannot change the person in your life but you can change how you both relate to each other. As we evolve, choice, is being able to change the way we relate with each other, so that you are happier interacting with each other, more often, and you are building each other uP!

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January 9, 2015

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Today, I would like to write about making decisions. I have covered this topic in my podcast earlier. But I have this urge of writing more about this today, especially as I remember a scene form Star Trek, where Captain Kirk speaks about the burden of responsibility, specifically referring to the life of his crew

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