The Business of Evolving People

A revolution is coming. When we discovered steam, we got the industrial revolution. And with the dream of Gates, a PC in every home, we got the IT revolution. And I see a future, where every industry from preventive health to education is ‘Installations’ enabled. It used to take years to travel from one country to another. And it takes decades for most of the people in the world to evolve and get new capabilities. I see a world with ‘Installations’ where people evolve faster, and every industry becoming ‘Installations Enabled’. And it is going to be better for the Human Race!

My Journey into Evolving People accelerated when I was 23 and I got a request to help an IIT graduate working in California to regain movements after Paralysis. At, that time, I was working as the Chief Technology Officer in an IT firm. And this request, surprised me, and in my quest to find someone who would help Phani Kumar do the ‘medically impossible’, I was blessed with the rare opportunity to be mentored by Dr. John Grinder. After helping Phani Kumar, several people kept coming, who had ‘impossible’ challenges in various aspects of life, health, business, dead marriages and so on. As much as I helped them, my heart was always set out to evolve children and build capabilities that accelerates their learning and readiness for what is coming!

Read My Story or Just Watch The Business of Evolving People (90 Minutes) to know where this is coming from!