This is the detailed description of the hack we built at Yahoo!… In less than an hour, we will be presenting this on-stage. However I thought it is good to have a more elaborate description of the hack posted somewhere, and perhaps this will also help me prepare for my 90 second presentation.In this post I will be covering

1. What the hack does?

2. How we do it?

3. How can it be used?

What the hack does?

The hack distills a long speech with ratings based on structure such that the learner can focus attention on weak and strong patterns of his or her communication. And then continue to use the hack for specific information on the language patterns used and could have been used.

How we do it?

We use Transformational Grammar patterns to identify between Meta Model and the Milton Models of communication. By deciding a frame or window size we determine the predominant model of communication for those group of sentences.

Then we go on to determine other patterns of communication and validate their effectiveness for the specific type of model. This allows us for scoring and ranking the sentences using modal operators, checking for embedded commands and questions, presuppositions.

We have got the rules for most of the transformation from the books:

“Structure of Magic ” – Volume I

“Patterns of Hypnosis by Milton Erickson” – Volume I

How can it be used?

The hack can be used for various educational purposes. It can be a study guide for communicators.

A quick feedback after a speech or any session.

Monitor Collaborative Learning and Momentum in Collective Groups.

Transformational Grammar is quite complex and there are still structures that don’t even have a mathematical syntax. However this is our best effort at mapping human intuition to mathematical representations as studied by¬† Chompsky, Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. John Grinder and most importantly Gregory Baeston.

If you want to develop more on this or check the app out, it is available at

[email protected]:nbprithv/Five-minute-mentor.git


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