Launching the NEXT version of uP! with Antano & Harini

Published: July 7, 2015

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After, 3.5 years of sailing through, we are finally upgrading the uP! offering to get even better. It all started in November 2011, when Harini and I innocently walked into the hall to deliver what we called a ‘NLP Practitioner’ program. And just before we started we realised people who had come there wanted some very serious changes in their life. That was the birth of the uP! Program. Instead of a regular NLP Training, we used our NLP Skills to help people make REAL changes in their Life.

Our approach to changing people’s lives involved changing the person first. Harini and I figured what fundamental capability, if available, would make ‘this’ person get the life he or she wants as a natural consequence of who they have become. After about a year, we figured some of the common capabilities that we were installing during the batch that helped people get the life they want and grow fast holistically. It was at this moment, we came up with the tag line ‘Superior Capabilities. Installed.’ to express what happened at the uP!

Superior Capabilities

Generally in a training program or a motivational workshop or in a coaching session, a participant learns new things, gets insight, develops awareness. And when these things are implemented with conscious efforts, they do (at times) produce some changes in the person or their life. What we do is different. We directly target the change. We do Personalised Neuro Linguistic Programming to bring about the desired change in the person first. And since this is done at the level of unconscious patterning, the new behaviour feels innate. It feels natural. And sometimes, the change we bring could be so fundamental that it starts impacting every aspect of the person’s life.

Let me share an example of what I mean here by capability.

Consider this simple and yet very profound skill that the top artists seems to enjoy, the ability to completely look at their work as a third person would. To literally disconnect any association they feel towards the work they did and to see it from the eyes of a third person. Technically, this skill is called disassociation. This is the same technique we use to help someone overcome a very traumatic experience. There is even a drug called the dissociative drug that has a similar effect, it gets you to hallucinate seeing yourself as if you have floated outside your body. Now, what if we program, the ability to disassociate on demand, what happens? A person is suddenly able to solve challenging situations by becoming their own consultant, they are able to think out of the box, they are able to handle conflicts better because they are able to shift the subjective feel they have and look at it from a neutral point of view. Now, I call this a capability because it helps the person build multiple competencies once this skill is available. To illustrate with an analogy, playing a musical instrument like guitar is a competency but the ear to differentiate the minor variations in sound is a capability. With this capability a person can learn to play any instrument well, they can train their voice and do much more. However, if one does not have the capability to differentiate differences in sound, no amount of practice will lead to any musical competency.

So, the ability to disassociate and shift perceptual positions is just one of the 30+ capabilities that is installed during uP!. The fun part is what happens after the installation. In the next 6 month, the person starts to develop multiple competencies that feel natural. For examples, they may feel like they are attracting good people around them and are forming better relationships. It may appear like their luck has shifted. But what really has happened is the new capabilities, have become so innate like an aura, that whatever they used to do, they are now doing the same things better with subtle differences and that produces profoundly different results.

What does taking uP! to the NEXT level mean?

1. Besides uP! I have been also coaching some really successful people. Coaching is fundamentally about helping a person develop more choices and awareness. When combining Coaching with Actual Change that we produce with excellence installation, the results have been phenomenal. However,  there are few people I like to coach and few people I don’t. Often, I choose my coachee based on a single criterion –  are they ‘High Performers’. This is important to me because I can do so much more in so less time. And often High Performers are the ones hunting me down because they really want someone to help them get them further to the next level and the value I create for them is so much more than if I were to coach someone who is just figuring out how to make things happen in their field. One day, when I was delivering the Coach Certification, for demonstration, I picked up a couple of uP! Participants. And what happened NEXT delighted me. I found delivering high value for them in the time we spent, similar to what I did for my ‘High Performance’ clients. And it occurred to me, with all the superior capabilities, these uP! participants can benefit so much more from an exclusive coaching session with Harini and me. We tried out some pilot and the results were phenomenal. So, Harini and I decided that besides all the personalised change work and installations we do for each participant at uP!, we are also going to give them one on one Coaching after the installation of superior capabilities, because that is when we are able to create maximum value from our coaching session. So, this is the first Important Change we are making to the uP! program. After the 6 Days of a Life Changing Experience. We are adding a one on one exclusive coaching by appointment. It may not be viable for all uP! participants to invest in our exclusive excellence coaching + installation service that comes with a minimum 6 Month contract. However, adding a single excellence coaching session to the uP! package will certainly mean much much more value for the money they invest in uP!. I am certainly excited to make this available.

2. The second improvement is this, a lot of things we speak at uP! when we teach NLP sounds too good to be true, until the experience takes over. For example, consider the concept of unconscious rapport. The claim is that you can get into deep unconscious rapport with most people in less than 30 seconds. And you can influence their thinking. And the shift in their thinking can be observed by the change in their skin color, breathing, rate at which they blink and even pulse rate. And you can systematically track these changes and even predict what is going to happen next. Now, what is the method that participants, currently have, to explore if this is reality or not? They have to experience it. And what has to happen before they experience it? We have to ensure they have enough sensory acuity as well as self calibration to  notice the subtle changes that we  are pointing at. We are successful in doing this. But it takes some time. It has always been my dream,  to get my participants to see what I see when I am doing installations from the beginning. For example, when I am doing conversational programming, and I  am tracking the unconscious responses of the specific participant I am working with, what if, I can pause and show the rest of the audience exactly what happened, exactly what subtle changes did I see that got me to construct that story in that particular manner, and what did I see to know how to continue that story in that direction. And more importantly what response did I notice to know that my work is complete. There have been so many times, when I wish participants can see what I see, right at that moment. Apparently, with the advancement in digital technology, it seems possible. We have been able to capture footages which when we slow down and scale, gives participants an easier way to see what I see even before they develop the skills to do so themselves. I believe this will considerably enhance the experience at uP! and help participants learn faster, quicker and better.

We will be launching the new version of the uP! program starting this Mumbai Batch (24th to 29th August). This is a Big Leap for us. And I am very excited about this. We have seen worlds and worlds of possibilities open up for people from the uP! experience. And I am just delighted at the thought of how much more this version of uP! will mean to people.

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  1. Its a great example of continious feedback and evolution. Wishing the team all the very best for the next Version of uP
    with NLP:)

      1. Anto and Harini.. you guys are simply superb.. awesome artists.. I
        admire both of your simplicity and greatness and dedication to ur
        passionate skills in NLP.. I have already become a brand ambassador of
        SOE and NLP installing changes in people who I meet and have started
        enrolling many to the course… hats off to you and your team..
        simplicity is your greatest asset… Wishing you most and more.. I am
        growing right left and center.. and as my gurudakshanai.. I will
        continue to promote school of excellence and NLP as a brand ambassador..
        my hearty wishes to all you guys .. Anto.. hats off to you man.. I did
        my “workshop for doctors” after micromuscle mirroring you and i got an
        awesome and overwhelming feedback.. i am still flying in the sky..
        unable to get down…..

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