Episode 2: Get to know about Conversational Programming. Hope you enjoy listening to it!





  1. Thanks a lot Antano. What came out very strikingly to me is the importance of being able to understand what is missing in the other person’s map rather rather than focusing only on how i say it. Key learning . :-)

  2. After the revisit, I did start taking the third position when I am talking to people whom I can influence :-) Helped me a lot! Thanks Antano. On the podcast name, how about “Solar Flair” :-)?

  3. I am really enjoying the podcasts. Can rewind for missing out a part to understand a point better.:-) A great initiative on your part. As you said, good conversational programming can only happen after focussing on what is missing to make the process useful and worthwhile.
    Regarding a name for the series, how about Pearls to Ponder-Voice of Antano Solar John

  4. Hi very true about this , I experienced a change without my conscious knowledge during my time at up with NLP program . I am really impressed about it , and wish to learn a lot about conversational programming . will be there again for an advanced session at chennai in jan 2015


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