How to coach yourself using NLP for Personal Excellence

Published: December 11, 2014

Antano Solar John is the creator and developer of the most advanced technologies to design and fast-track personal evolution and an investor in startups that have access to cutting-edge solutions for personal excellence.

Episode 7: How to coach yourself using NLP? And the advantages of targeted and measurable changes that can be produced using NLP is discussed here. Also, how such tools can extend the scope of change work and move into domains of leadership, business growth, relationship building, accelerated learning, and so on.

Behind the scene:

1. This was recorded during the Delhi ‘uP! with NLP’ batch. When Harini was training, I stepped outside into the pathway between the hall and the room to quickly record the content.

2. I was experimenting with the Mic Gain set on high. The condenser mics ended up picking up the sounds from someone cleaning the floor from far away. Hopefully, the content is interesting enough for that mob noise to not be a concern.

3. The editing was done when I got to take a quick break when juggling between the the Mumbai ‘uP! with NLP’ program and the CSR drive of working one on one with 300 school children.

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  1. nice, i’m extending this dis-association a bit further by using multiple perceptual positions for each dept of the company – the exact same problem could be solved by the accounting team or the purchase team or the QC team in a different way. Taking on the frame of different depts gives me access to powerful new solutions from multiple positions. Combining this with the meta model questions helps me get solutions for almost anything, but i guess you will be covering these next steps in your next podcast.

    1. That is a good extention Nanda and the Meta Model distinctions will help you discover the most relevant information quickly and with ease. I will be definitely be covering this soon.

  2. Amazing one again Antano! This was apt and timely to what I am going through… Very Very helpful and useful. Thank you for reminding of the uses of disassociation.

  3. very nicely explained antano. many many thanks for that because this is what i was wanting in my life this tip would defintely be very useful for my present situation

      1. Halo
        in this yesr some serious things happened to me and i could not get over from it.t attended the nlp course also and i really thought that if i follow the steps there i can easily change myself but for that continuous practice is also a must. But when i listened to you talk i could see that it would definitely bring a change in my condition especislly when i am able look at me distance myself and watch me as a third person i can get a clear view about what i am and whst i am doing and how should i look at myself .the sea example and the film example were really helpful. I need not brood over what happened thanks antano.

  4. This is great Antano. I had learnt to write paragraphs as a child but forgot how I had learnt to join words to form sentences of the para. Going through this podcast, it makes me realise that sometimes it is important to go back to the base so that even better paragraphs can be written. Thank you Antano.

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