The Difference between ‘the SubConscious’ and ‘the UnConscious’

Published: November 24, 2014

Antano Solar John is the creator and developer of the most advanced technologies to design and fast-track personal evolution and an investor in startups that have access to cutting-edge solutions for personal excellence.

Episode 1: What is the difference between ‘the subconscious’ and ‘the unconscious’ and, more importantly, the shift in the thinking process that got the founders of NLP to term the word ‘unconscious processes’? Why it is important to know this distinction and how it can be useful for you?


Recording Quality:

I am gearing up for a series of podcasts and this recording was taken as an ad hoc test of the studio. The cold that I had during the trial record shows in my voice. However, some of the listeners considered the content valuable, so I have decided to put this up here with a rough edit as a precursor to  the upcoming audio series. You may require earphones as the volume is not very loud.

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  1. Antano, which part of human body/mind decides when to bring to something to conscious awareness and when not to? and how it decides? Please help me understand.

    1. Anand – who knows? The last I read from an article by a renowned neurologist – ‘no one knows’. From his observations, playing various roles including neuroimaging at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Iain Mcgilchrist, comments that we have discovered very little in terms of the connection between the brain and consciousness.

  2. “Subconscious” is a word created by Jung when escaping the theory of his friend Freud who was talking about “unconscious”. Nothing more, nothing less! “Subconscious” is mostly used by the English speaking theoreticians while “unconscious” is used by european psychoanalytic thinkers. ;)

      1. Hi Antano. More effective compared to just reading your blog. Yes, I heard the new one. Looking fwd to more audio blogs :) I feel the starting and ending Music needs change (I feel it to be retro type and very RADIO like : Which gives a feeling of not REAL).

      2. Need to learn the way you ask questions Antano. Brilliant. And it clarifies that you observe very minutely. Would be very difficult to put an ambiguous statement to you.

  3. Lovely! Increased mindfulness I gather, would come with awareness to understand on what we should and need to focus on?

  4. It was a great listening about the clarity of Unconscious state of mind and the concept of Up-time , I am aware that Alphabet game is one activity to reach a Up-time state but will be eager to learn more possible ways to reach that state in your upcoming podcast

    1. Sure, I will dedicate a few podcasts to explain other ways to reach uptime. the Alphabet Game is not only an activity to reach uP time. It’s purpose is to program yourself to get into uP time automatically in the contexts you desire.

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