Excellence Installation Specialization: Because Your Family Matters.

Published: September 3, 2018

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Can your Installation Super Powers make your FAMILY happier and better equipped to Live Purposefully?

For the past 7 years, we have been silently developing our fellowship program: Excellence Installation Specialization. The program prepares an individual to do what we do! And they do work along Harini and me in the uP! events to fulfill the promise of Accelerated Success to our participants.

It took us 7 years to understand the REAL benefit of becoming an EIS. We thought it had to do with the ability to do super amazing things with someone’s mind that only an EIS can do. But after 7 years and looking into the life of each of the EIS, the truth is that Excellence Installation Technology helps you evolve each person in your family including yourself within months in ways that would otherwise take decades together. There has been more harmony in marriages, an EIS was able to get her husband to change professions, a mother got her daughter back in the right track again. A son was able to free his mother of her pain and live more healthily and much much more.

Professionally, from the mental coach to the Boxing World Champion to the Leading Corporate Coaches and Transformational Gurus, from coaches of top beauty pageants to health professionals who deal with psychosomatic issues, the award winning coaches, therapists and healers they all develop one super specialty: Excellence Installations.

Some of the Super Powers of an EIS has been:

1. Installation: A good EIS can tell you story that you won’t remember. However, it would have shifted your mindset and will continue to help you develop in that direction forever, in when you sleep. This story would be so personalized, that it would only work for you. A good EIS comes with such stories naturally and spontaneously during a regular conversation.

2. Neuro Linguistic Programming: A good EIS can help you develop new habits and overcome lifelong emotional challenges and replace them with new innate response to the same situation within minutes. Using very accurate calibration they can make NLP procedures to help you transform in minutes, the very same things you have been struggling with for years.

3. Conversational Programming: A good EIS can have a casual conversation with you and yet influence you to take action and overcome invisible hurdles. If you are part of their team, you will find yourself performing better naturally in their presence. They don’t motivate or say positive thinking phrases and yet just talking to them will evolve the people around them.

4. Strategic Adjustment: A good EIS can intuitively find the most strategic improvement you have to make that will give you the maximum growth in your business and career. Often it is very different from what you may think you need to improve. It is as if the EIS has a crystal ball that gets them to predict how certain improvements they can help you make will result in unparalleled consequences.

5. Charisma: A good EIS is also a good storyteller who is able to rally people for his/her cause. They are able to not just get people join them but actually get them committed to their cause.

Some of the achievements that I have mentioned above of being the top coach and consultant have happened for EIS within the first 2 years and some have become the top in their industry while they are still an EIS in the making.


  1. Must have P&L experience as a Director, CXO or VP of a 100+ Crore enterprise or
  2. Must have have been a co-owner fo a startup for atleast 3 years or
  3. Must have have been an independent  professional who has either crossed 1 Crore in annual revenue or has impacted 1000 lives, in their field of expertise or
  4. Must have been involved in the strategy and operations within the defense forces where high level of intelligence and strategic thinking is required.

We have always been very selective about whom we accept to become an EIS. And finally, after all these years, we are ready to open the EIS to a larger audience. We are starting with a set of 50 EIS for this year. The first year, would go in just accelerating success in whatever the EIS in the making is already doing. And by 2020, this set will be ready to roll with Harini and Me in the surgical field (uP! events) as we do strategic adjustments to help people change.

What will you do with such a technology? (AKA: Super Powers)

1. Your life becomes happier. You tend to evolve everyone around you, including yourself. Your spouse and your children and sometimes your parents too, will love you for this immediately and in the long run.

2. If you choose to pursue a career in coaching or training, you will find yourself creating a new market and being at the top 1% in the transformation space without any real competition who can do what you do.

3. You are able to look at the larger things in life and do something big for the society and get leaders to follow your vision and support you!

I am curious to see the new EIS cohort and discover how they wish to change the world by changing their world, after-all it always starts with you and your family first!

The pre-training for the EIS before they are eligible for the Fellowship starts on October 15, 2018. 

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