I am using the word ‘Installation’ for the lack of a better word to describe a specific phenomenon – the phenomenon where people can learn new habits in minutes as if they have been doing it all their life, in which the transition is so natural that it feels like they have always been doing it.

Consider for a moment someone who can’t spell properly. Good spellers have an internal strategy that a person who cannot spell does not have. With NLP it is possible to both map a strategy and make a habit of it. It is possible to teach the brain new habits quickly – new habits that can make this person an excellent speller. These habits are so internal – habits that have a specific thought pattern and movements in the body. And once this is done the person will not only spell words properly but will do so as if he or she has always been a good speller, all their life. Likewise, we can do excellence installation for a whole variety of things.

What I specialize in is doing these installations. When people tell me what they want, I listen carefully to what is missing in their internal process. I ask myself: ‘What is missing that will help them get these results themselves, naturally and on an auto pilot?’ And then I make installations of this required patterning on them.

This is what I do.

And I do this by telling stories. I do this by applying specific NLP patterns. I do this in a conversation.  And I do this in Training Programs.

Once you understand the process of ‘installations’, it opens up worlds of possibilities.

If you have models of excellence from a genius in any field that you have tested on yourself and others and if you are able to produce the same results as the genius themselves, please write to me. We will fund your initiative and hire a CEO who can help you take this to millions.

The Business of Evolving People