Episode 12: The framework of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the guiding principle that makes it unique and extremely powerful is discussed in this podcast. I also address where do they come from and what it can mean to you. I close with some pointers on how to use this knowledge to train yourself to master your understanding of human behaviors further.

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  1. Hi Antano…. I really like the way you explain and clarify concepts with innovative examples….this also helps in context of training when we talk about behavior patterns like PAC-concept (TA-Model) etc.. and improves relationship…Thanks Antano and look forward for the next podcast.

  2. Hi Antano, needless to say that its a really helpful post.I realize that even though I try to stay out of categorization, it somewhere colours my thoughts and shows in my behaviour and action.I am going to try the one week practice you suggested and see if it becomes a ‘tote’.That’s powerful !! Thanks yet again !!

    • Thank you Sriparna! One way to successfully do what you have mentioned, is using the Meta Model distinctions. So, every time you categorise, get finer distinctions by asking the meta model questions to yourself. Do, let me know what comes from all this… :)


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