I don’t know why…but I got to do it!

Published: April 17, 2017

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What if you have an internal compass that is ahead of you in detecting what you need to do, what you need to develop and what you got to master in order to get to the next level? Have you ever had that feeling, when you know literally everything is working your way, you have the finest of friends, relationships, family and your business is just getting better and better and still you feel like there is something you need to do and don’t quite know what it is? I had this feeling a couple of days ago and it turned out to be a blessing.


It was a strange to feel like something was missing because I had the most incredible year in 2017. We signed up an official partner in Washington D.C. The Delhi uP! event was fascinating in itself. We’ve innovated an intelligent and automated system of educating prospects who want to work with A&H which allowed our business strategists to focus on scaling the business instead of spending thousands of man-hours on calls. And after so many years, we have finally managed to get some awesome documentary of the work we actually do. And yet – I knew something was missing. And I had to do ‘something’ more.

And at the same time, I had this strange urge to just go back to my home in Chennai, India and spend time with Mom and by Myself. It was very strange because all LOGIC dictated that I continue to stay in Delhi a few more days, after all, we just delivered an amazing event in Delhi and new business opportunities were right at the doorstep, knocking! But, being me, I decided to go ahead with how I felt, advanced my itinerary and flew to Chennai. I found myself sleeping a lot soon after I got there. And then the moment of magic happened. I immersed myself in learning something that I had always wanted to master but had never quite gotten to it. And that’s when I realized what I was missing at that point. I was missing the unparalleled joy of Learning Something totally new all over again!

I believe there are different kinds of learning– My favorite way is doing what you LOVE doing, so well. Performing as if it is a ‘finale’ each time. And in doing so, you find yourself discovering new nuances. You unearth what you don’t know when you meet an exception that contradicts everything you do know about the work you do. And it is in solving those challenges that occur spontaneously that you continue to evolve depth and mastery in those very areas that you already excel at. This is what I get in delivering my Events such as uP!. This is why I love doing uP! and all the other programs because each individual is unique and when they throw a new challenge, the fun of discovering something new unfolds.

During this phase, what I was actually missing deep inside was those moments in life where I learn something that I hadn’t mastered until then. It’s that phase of JOY where you transition from ‘knowing about something’ to becoming a MASTER at it. In my Life, I have had such experiences at least once every 6 months where I take a skill that I haven’t yet learned yet and got to the point where I can pull it off as a pro! And I just had such a moment, earlier this year in January. So, when I look back now, I recognize that the feeling of ‘something is missing’ that I experienced was an invitation to indulge in a Full Buffet of Discoveries. Thankfully, I am the kind of person who sometimes does what he does, without knowing why he is doing it until after he has done it. And this has always worked for me. Not only do I have the thrill of a going through a journey being completely led by my instincts, but much after doing what I did, not knowing why I was doing it, also gets me to later discover the true meaning of that journey and I take delight in how it opens up new doors. It’s like a surprise!

So, this is what happened. I came to Chennai. I slept. I woke up and read the books and did the exercises on the topic I have been wanting to master for quite sometime. I did the ‘Sleep-Read-Practice-Have Fun’ loop 7 times (the loop is a method to achieve accelerated learning based on the principle known as ‘fractionation’) in the last 32 hours since I landed in Chennai. And I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to learn something you don’t know at all because when you do, you immerse and find yourself right at the center of a whole new world you didn’t know existed!

PS: I am not going to share what is the skill I picked up this time. I don’t discuss what I learn until I have mastered it. But you can look into your own Life and find a skill that will change your business or open up to you more adventures and joy from within as well as have your own experience of what it is like to once again learn like a child from a position of absolute curiosity, excitement and passion!

However, the larger point of this article is that sometimes you just know you got to do something and you may have reference to this feeling from the past when you did follow that instinct and it just turned out just right. You may want to memorize exactly what that feeling was, how it felt… because there are also instances in your life where you have a ‘similar’ feeling but it didn’t turn out quite out right and I think to be able to make the distinction is a great gift! This is one other capability you learn at uP! – developing a feedforward loop to train and make finer distinctions in understanding your own Intuition, naturally and unconsciously.

I doubt if it would have been possible to look forward and make the connection between coming to Chennai and actually getting adept at this particular skill I learned. Instead, now when I look back, there is no doubt that deep down I had a clear plan to provide myself with the right state of mind, eco-system, and distraction-free environment with the right resources to get to learning this specific skill that I learned in the last 36 hours. And this skill is already transforming how we do business.

So, when you get that feeling to do ‘it’, just go for it. You may not yet know that this feeling of ‘you got to do it’ maybe the bridge to fulfill what it is that you don’t know yet that has to happen for you to take your life or business to the next level.





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  1. that’s so true, intuitions work really so well… I shall also follow what they say and may be discover something very new and different about me .. we never know what the unknown has in store for us …

  2. Inspired as always you do?. It makes so much of sense.That’s what makes me travel, everytime I go for a trip is working on a new skill. While this time, I would explore doing it, in a closed environment similar to yours:)

    1. All the best but what makes you think I am learning something in a closed environment? And also what new skills are you talking about?

  3. Loop 7 times and fractionation are
    Magic words…Loop makes an excellent name for a sub-program. I am fascinated how and who named you Solar such a powerful name that I heard first time, all encapsulating!! Thank you for being there.

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