Episode 3: ‘Does NLP work?’ This is my answer to the question.
I also explain how the focus of what could be possible must be based on the practitioner and not on the ‘name’ NLP itself.


      • Just saw this and the question’s been answered already, already did :) Haha, though it was more of a mutual surprise because I was expecting you to take the first half of the course hence came in straight after my exam.

  1. re-inforced many basic principles again,which is useful. maybe the audio cuts could be done with a little more finesse. sometimes i find the new audio takes cut into the track in a somewhat un-natural way bcos there’s not enough space between the words. Since we know the natural pacing of your voice, it was somewhat jarring.

    • Sure Nanda, I will pay more attention to the audio cuts in the upcoming podcasts. Thanks for the suggestion on the spacing between the words


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