Episode 5: This podcast is an interesting one for me. It was late in the night. We had just completed something of great interest in office. Ashish and I were heading back home. And as we were approaching the place where we live, Ashish came up with the idea of an interview. So, the recording of this podcast happened in the car, and the questions came as a surprise to me. Nevertheless, we both like what has come out of it.

The podcast mentions some of the challenges in the field of NLP — what is going on with the School of Excellence and its line of businesses like uPwithNLP and NLP Bliss.


1. I did an effort estimate for creating a podcast based on the experience I gathered from the test episodes last week. And I have decided that I am willing to attempt two podcasts a week consistently.

2. I am in the ‘uP! with NLP’ program Delhi this week and I have ‘uP! with NLP’ Mumbai next week. So, I may not be podcasting as much.

3. This is a video on School of Excellence, which we recorded about a year ago. Goes along with the podcast of this blog.



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