Episode 11: What if you can design your work and things you need to do in a way that it would be as much fun as the things that you enjoy doing already? In this episode, I share my experience doing it along with a simple technique for you to do the same.

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  1. I admire the way you speak about these concepts from a layman’s perspective. The simplicity that you bring in, in the podcasts make it more enjoyable and insightful. One thing I observed is after listening to the podcast, I feel I have been listening to your voice for hours….and that feeling is very nice :-)

  2. A major task was stuck at my end since a week where i needed an information document from some senior government officials. I was determined not to bribe anyone, to get the task done. My efforts went in vain for about 3-4 days when I suddenly realized that I was somewhere transferring my ‘unsure’ state of mind to them. Asked my unconscious to guide me to the right way of getting it done. Stumbled upon the mailer on this particular podcast by you, Antano. This morning, I did exactly the way you’ve suggested here and voila, got the work completed within 10 minutes!! Thank you!! :)

    • Nice Preet! Yes, the anchoring technique can be extended to other states that can be useful as well :) And very few people recognise what you have mentioned here. The result and response you maybe getting form people around you can be a consequence of your own states. Continue to enjoy the delights of what did means to you!


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