I still remember … it was quite some time ago. When I first heard these words and wondered what they could really mean, I can still hear Dr. John Grinder say them. And I remember those drills, sitting by the beach, listening, watching, and methodically training my senses to start noticing and listening to what I may  have completely filtered in the past.

Little did I know that this would become the basis for learning a variety of useful skills.

Following is a demonstration of how refined our calibration can be from the first day of a  NLP Practitioner Course with School of Excellence where I train.


The more I learn to calibrate, the more I realize how much more there is that just passes by  and we don’t see or hear.

Reminds me a of a joke that I heard from Dr. Richard Bandler – “People  ask me if I work with the Blind and the Deaf”, and I respond, “Always”

If you really want to get good at human communication – relationships, influence, sales, management – you may want to train to calibrate. And as I always mention in our workshops, it is easier to calibrate when you drop judgements and assumptions. When you can look at folded hands and describe it as “folded hands” and nothing more (instead of ‘closed’, ‘not willing to learn’, etc.), that’s when you really start your journey of Calibration. This is where NLP differs from conventional Psychology and also what makes NLP more challenging to master.




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