How to embed commands in Conversations that Just Works

Published: July 6, 2013

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This article is primarily on what you need to know to be able to give hypnotic suggestions in the form of embedded commands. The simplest and one of the easiest patterns to master from the Milton Model. You can do this conversationally in any situation to help a person change perceptions, be open to new learning, or to just get things done.


To explore further your interest in conversational programming and to make the full use of this article, take a moment to first read the preceding articles:

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Art of Embedding Commands:

There are 5 major factors to this skill.

1. Generating well-formed commands or suggestions
2. Masking the command in a jungle of information so as to cloak it to the conscious
3. Timing
4. Tonality and the tonal structure of commands
5. UnConscious Rapport as always!

If you have read the previous article, then you would already be aware of micro trance states. For now, let us assume and operate with the assumption that every micro trance is a good opportunity to plant a suggestion or give embedded commands. In this article we are going to focus on generating well-formed commands or suggestions.

What is a well-formed command or suggestion?

Well, for a moment I want you to create an imaginary character ‘Jack’. And Jack is raised to be a boy who just executes every command. So, if you go ‘Jack stand up’, Jack would stand up. So, following are some examples of what ‘Jack’ understands as a command.

Jack, do not stand up – Not a Command
Jack, there is a fire in the hall – Not a Command
Jack, open your mind to new possibilities – Valid Command
Jack, buy this Car – Valid Command
Jack, believe what is going on – Valid Command
Jack, enjoy the ride – Valid Command

Now, that is the first part. The other thing to consider in addition to the valid formation of the command is also the time frame in which it has to be executed. Jack interprets time very differently than you do. And sometime can procrastinate indefinitely. So, it is important to always give Jack when to execute your command.


Jack,  see the possibilities NOW.
Jack, feel better this time tomorrow.
Jack, get this done immediately.
Jack, buy this car when you come back next time.

Notice, the time to execute the command is generally given at the end of the statement.
(If you are a NLP practitioner and curious as to what is the significance of the adverb at the end, say the following two sentences and notice how the submodalities of each are very different.

1. I am taking off on Monday.
2. Monday, I am taking off.


If you have been reading the series in this article, you already know there is going to be exercise and how useful it may be for you to be already having practiced them before my next article on conversational programming. Imagine what it is like to be ready for the next exercise having already mastered the learning in this article. So, the exercise goes as follows.

1. Think of the situations in your life where you want to influence the most. And think of the person you want to influence.
2. See this person and hear the conversations you have been having.
3. Think of a set of suggestions/commands you just wish you can get this person to respond to.
4. Generate a set of well-formed suggestions with a time frame at the end.
5. Check with the examples above to confirm your suggestions are well formed.
6. Repeat 1–6.

Covert Hypnosis

Embedded commands work best when they are done covertly. So, obviously the above statements are not subtle by any standard.
There are ways to embed commands between sentences that hide the command. For example: When was the last time you were on a vacation and decided that you want to feel absolutely safe immediately after your tickets arrived? Of course, there is also a certain method of delivery and unconscious rapport, both of which are essential for the unconscious to respond to your suggestion. We are going to deal with them in future articles.

PS: This is a series of articles designed to help you become a Master Communicator who can change mindsets and belief structures conversationally. Each article will provide the exercise that build in mastering the skill of conversational programming.

PS: I personally do not believe there is anything called hypnosis unless every communication is hypnosis of some form. These series are about influence at an unconscious level in what people may consider as ‘normal’ conversation.

The continuation to this article can be found here.

How to Tell Hypnotic Stories with Embedded Commands and Get What You Want

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  1. Hi Antano! as a part of the exercise in this article,
    My mom does n like me chopping my hair. My direct suggestion to her is i want to cut my hair. somewhere in between our conversation which might or might not be regarding chopping my hair, I find her drifting into a micro trance state and i say to her – I can look prettier from now, cant i ? .

    Is it right Antano ?

    1. Hi Swathi, you need to help me understand what you just said by rephrasing it. Or perhaps in all these days (10 months) you have found your own answer to that question

  2. Hi Antano, I hope you still read this. I just wanted to ask how you can embed commands in other languages where the imperative is different than the second person singular or plural?
    Moreover I wanted to ask if recognizing micro trance states is similar to seeing the other person is downtime/thinking. Because actually I have seen no difference in the pupils or movements (but looking up or down depending on what they were thinking).
    Finally, thanks for these articles:)

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