How to Use Conversational Programming and Get What You Want Everytime

Published: May 18, 2013

Antano Solar John is the creator and developer of the most advanced technologies to design and fast-track personal evolution and an investor in startups that have access to cutting-edge solutions for personal excellence.

Does Conversational Programming work?

Probably the most popular question I get! The Answer is YES. Conversational Programming does work. But not the way it has been portrayed by some quick money-making schemes on influence and definitely not the way it has been portrayed by so-called ‘NLP Trainers’ or ‘Hypnosis Wizards’. In fact, there is a big difference between getting a temporary response and getting a sustained response.

NLP Interventions

Before, I indulge you with this concept any further, let’s define what we here mean my ‘Conversational Programming’.

What is Conversational Programming?

Conversational Programming is where you give subtle suggestions in a conversation for the listener to engage in a specific activity or suggestions you give that induce a new way of thinking or belief in a person.

For example:

  • You are having a conversation about music with your friend. And you plant a suggestion for your friend to get you coffee. And your friend has no idea that you have requested for coffee. But he gets up, walks, and brings you a coffee. And you didn’t even talk about coffee.
  • Your friend is depressed about how far she has to travel to work. You are talking to her about animals. And the next day, she is driving to office but she feels different. She has discovered a new meaning for this travel that used to be so boring. She is listening to music and uses that time to prepare for the day ahead. And she has no idea that you helped her think differently but she is thanking you at the back of her head.

This, my friends, is the power of conversational programming.

How to Learn Conversational Programming

The trick to Master Conversational Programming is to recognize that it is NOT about Verbal Language alone.

Understanding what that means can possibly be your key to learning Conversational Programming.

Yes, Language CAN play a part, if you have heard of Milton Model. I teach that stuff as well. But you can be a powerful linguist with all the language patterns of a hypnotist baked in your muscle and yet not have the skills to make it work each time for you.

So, what does it take, to learn Conversational Programming?

It takes practice. Practice observing. A lot of observation. And practice learning to get into powerful mental states like the Zen. This is the key here. It is about you. It is about the person you are with that is most important to conversational programming. And there are ways you can train yourself to do this.

And I intend to teach in this blog some very useful methods for you to learn this. But before that you have to do something for me.

Do you have Conversational Programming Mastery?

Well, take a simple test. Say the following statement to a group of people. And if at least 4/10  scratch their nose, you pass the technical prerequisite to master conversational hypnosis. Otherwise, you are kidding yourself!

“When you start from Scratch, Your subconscious Knows how to make everything work for you, Now that’s the way it always works.”

Power of Conversational Programming

Now, as much as a powerful tool conversational programming is for changing beliefs, for helping people grow, and for your own personal success, I sometimes wonder the intention and purpose of people who ask me to teach them conversational hypnosis. Nevertheless, this is what I want you to do for me. I want you to share with me how you will use these skills. Conversational Hypnosis is like an ocean. And I like to show you exactly what you desire.

This is for anyone who wants to learn and master conversational programming. What you learn here will benefit you in every sphere of your life. And it does not matter if you have prior training or not. The content you are going to learn will take you to the next level of Conversational Hypnosis.

One aspect of NLP can be considered as Conversational Programming in Steroids.

So please fill in the comments below and share with me how you will use this!


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  1. @44b9e4704b72305e4787be9de540b7cc:disqus, @ea42b064d0b94d49fcb7f627dd011d0a:disqus- Thanks for setting the pace. I am curious to watch what the other readers are going to say.

  2. (1) For Fun…to see how it works. (2) For influencing people and making them take some action (like buying your product/service). (3) For implanting positive beliefs in someone’s UC

  3. I can use conversational hypnosis to effortlessly help people get what they want in life and to give them that which makes a real positive difference in the quality of their lives….

  4. Hi Antano, as Calibration is mother of all skills, I believe that Belief is the mother of most of the problems in our life. So by learning conversational hypnosis i would like to help people including myself to make a shift in our belief system to grow in every area of our life.

    Thank you Antano, I am so happy and excited to learn this skill.

  5. Hi Antano,

    You know how evil my mind works :). I just love watching people do crazy things and then learning from that. Just did that with two of our oldest suppliers and guess what happened next…

    They beat each other down on prices and now I have the lowest price from each of them something I could never do earlier.

    Jokes apart, I want to use this skill to influence the way I train and deal with people. Normally it’s difficult to make people see your point of view and this is what I want to do with this skill.

    Inwouldmlike to take them to a different level of alertness so that they can learn and retain more than before.


    1. @bc11876272ec5518a706feecde53d28a:disqus – So you would like your listener to be able to see your point of view and have change their perceptions – conversationally? Interesting to note what you managed to achieve with your vendors using NLP. Do share more when you have time!

  6. Many times my friends and relatives come to me and discuss their problems. Sometimes I made them to forget their fear and choose their path, but sometimes I not. I feel good when I help somebody in this situation. I want to become more efficient in this to increase my success rate and serve the society.

    1. @facebook-100000551394872:disqus – More efficient at helping people forget fears and choose their path?

  7. Hi Antano

    I’ll bridge it into anyone’s beliefs on, how they can do it.. if they have any dream/aim.. be it a career, health, emotional, etc.. Aim..

    U’ve correctly mentioned while working every day, we can install many new meanings to their thinking, living, working etc.. I want to use this in my every day life be it personal or professional..

    1. Absolutely @facebook-100002005231915:disqus. And until now, the most popular request for use of conversational hypnosis seems to be ‘Belief Change’ in this thread…

  8. Sow a seed for permanent change. while working or at home – influence people, change beliefs and instill values.

    1. @aec53079d36adef796cb4845a687b9ef:disqus – Beautifully said. And I had my earlier commitment to you in my mind, when I started this whole initiative. Very nice to see your comment here.

  9. Hi Antano.. Parenting is the center of my universe. I’d like to be able to use conversational
    hypnosis effortless to bring about alteration in my children’s beliefs and
    values enabling them to achieve excellence!

  10. Hey Antano…I want to use it to get a good deal in the selling of a property and also to get things done in my personal and profession life, especially with people unknown to me or meeting me for the first time in any random place.

    1. Hi @c49bd46ce3e6efeb6b4ad38be238172a:disqus! Sales is a possible benefit of conversational hypnosis. One which is beneficial to the person offering the sale and the one buying it. There are numerous instances where I have persuaded people to do something and then later thank me for it for having changed their perception and helping them discover new possibilities

  11. I want to my audience to get involved with me during conversation….and I want my students to imbibe the learning I share with them…

  12. Hi Antano! I’d like to use it on anxious persons to relax n make it a peaceful experience when they enter operating room! I often throw in questions to break states with some success but only to lose that state soon :).

    1. @sudha When you break state, it is important to immediately indicate (nonverbally) what state to choose next. For example – do a pattern interrupt and immediately after talk about something very pleasant being pleasant yourself! And ofcourse, these series of articles can further help you in giving post hypnotic suggestions to sustain state

  13. @68024891b12cbb60b9e5cdbc453d96ef:disqus When you break state, it is important to immediately indicate (nonverbally) what state to choose next. For example – do a pattern interrupt and immediately after talk about something very pleasant being pleasant yourself! And ofcourse, these series of articles can further help you in giving post hypnotic suggestions to sustain state.

  14. Hi Antano,

    I would like to use this first on kids by giving them useful suggestions. Second use it to switch of pain in people who typically go thru periodic episodes of head aches or other type of body aches.

    This is just to gain more confidence as the results would be very quickly visible.


  15. Hi Antano, I wish to use this firstly to instill the right values in my child, to instill in him the self confidence/belief in oneself and help him analyse situations objectively and from right perspective. He is in pre adolescence age where impressions are getting formed.

  16. I want to use conversational hypnosis primarily when i have to confront people! and of course also to shift the belief systems of the people to what ever degree necessary so that it is ecological and also to instill positive attitude who ever pass though my hands.

  17. Hi Antano,

    Good Evening! I din’t know how NLP can actually shape someone’s life beautifully until I attended your workshop in Bangalore. Ah! I din’t know that there is something like NLP exist in this world. It is a journey to be a linguist. I respect your time and efforts to bring the change wherever you are. I am grateful for your thoughts and patterns that you taught me to shape my life.

    While I am working on with these patterns and techniques, I am finding it amazing to see somethings happening without me consciously aware of the techniques that I have learned. I am trying to help my friend to wake up in the morning and study for her exams. I learnt from various occasions that mirroring works the best for her. I did try for one day and it worked. But same mirroring isn’t working. Once I used conversational hypnosis for something else, wow! her reaction was instant. But I am trying to figure out how to influence her the best possible way. I would like you to give me some tips or your thoughts on this. I know even before I could ask, you know what exactly the problem is from my message and the solution to it. Thanks in advance! Have a safe and fruitful trip! :)

    1. Thank you Mary! I propose that you come for a refresher as it is complimentary for you for a year. And you may be able to map what already works for you to work more consistently. Until then, follow the series and share them, I am writing more stuff that you can practice with.

  18. I work with a lot of teenagers that have a less then positive outlook on life, so what i’d like to learn how to instil positive thoughts and make them more motivated. thank you.

  19. Hi Antano

    Conversational hypnosis… i would like to use this may be as a tool to guide / influence people to understand the conceptual business i am into in.. it tough to convince so in feel it may help me.

  20. Hi, influencing people has always attracted me. I have used traditional hypnosis techniques to improve focus in case of school going children, inculcate discipline and set tangible goals for the marathon team I coach. But there are times when traditional techniques don’t work because the person is not able to enter into a trance or has his own reservations on hypnosis or my own inability (I am still a beginner though have been doing this for 4-5 years) to influence the subject. Conversational hypnosis can help me find the tools to help such subjects.

  21. This is brilliant stuff Antano!!!! You explain things really well. I want to learn conversational mastery for the business world.

  22. Hi
    Wants to know the technique conversational Programming to
    a)influence interviewer/end user to take favourable decisions.
    b)Improve communication skills and convince the people
    c)Influence own family members to help them right decisions and change their belief

  23. Hi Antano, I believe the power of a Metaphor is simply amazing. Just like a sapling which finds nourishment, warmth and love in the morning sun, it is amazing to watch the subconsious mind to drink in every word and derive inspiration, insight and power from a simple story. Intend to use this powerful tool in all training programs alongside causal conversations with loved ones to sow seeds of positive and supporting belief systems wherever I go!! Thank you again for inspiring many more every single day :-)

  24. hi Antano, As a trainer , I find that younger generation do not like a Gyan talk , so conversational therapy , will aid a lot in achieving results out of training workshops. Their learning out come could be more tangible.

  25. I would use what Ive learned to fix what Ive seen…so many lost…traped in the stronghlods of their own mind…knowledgless on how to escape..& I..being powerless to help.

  26. Through some recent depressing events (wife’s death and depression,and quiting smoking). I have begun to notice a great many other people under stress for seemingly small things. I think NLP could go a long way towards making them more durable without all the hoopla of hypnosis .

  27. I would like to use this technique to help people get more positive and change some of their limiting beliefs.

  28. Help my kids improvisation school resultat and be better of in life , taking on advice from my experience

  29. Hello Antano,
    This will help me grow in my company. I admire this technique and would love to get a hold of it, learn it and help me succeed at it. I believe this will be the best way to talk to my staff without saying what I want. Have good afternoon!

  30. I am a victim or targeted person whom used these techniques on me. i figured it out too late though because i was severely hurt by a supposed friend. I want to learn all I can on how this happens and how to recognize it before myself or someone I know falls victim as well. I want to learn all I can on the subject to become more secure with myself, and to better my life because of it.

  31. I have some issues of understanding people and myself, I believe knowing about how human brain work s might help me understand the world in a different manner and lead a more successful life and have more faithful friends

  32. I would like to help people change limiting beliefs about themselves and get actionable commitments when I ask someone do something to help themselves.

  33. I have always been a positive thinker and wish good will to others. At this point I am thinking about my daughter that has called off her engagement. I never seen her so broken up about about anything. If I can help her and enrich the lives of other also. Please share with me.

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